As more states legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, the desire for trendy ways to consume it has never been greater. You no longer have to wander through old shops to seek cheap, fading, and broken products. And this doesn’t apply only to the essentials like rolling papers or grinders, there are now many new ways to enhance your cannabis consumption.

Whether you’re looking for a unique present for a fellow cannabis consumer in your life or simply want to treat yourself to a high-quality smoke break, these are some of the greatest cannabis gifts available online right now.

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Stylish Bongs

A bong is a type of water pipe used to smoke marijuana. It’s a gadget that filters and cools the smoke produced by cannabis burning. According to experienced users, it provides a smoother hit and a higher level of intoxication. Opponents claim that using a bong is no better for your lungs than other methods of smoking.

It is a long-standing implementation. Today’s stylish bongs are more complicated, yet they serve the same purpose as their ancient forefathers. This article describes how bongs work and demonstrates their advantages.

The bottom of the bong is referred to as the base, and it is here that designers have the opportunity to leave their stamp on the item.

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Ash Trays

Several cannabis items are intriguing and eye-catching enough to be utilized as accessories. Ashtrays are one example, with designs ranging from garish retro ashtrays to low-key designs with debowlers for when it’s time to load a fresh bowl and clean the screen. Hand-carved rolling trays are another popular cannabis décor element.

While these trays are an essential part of the joint-rolling process, many of them are so wonderfully constructed that individuals want to keep them on display at all times.

Stash Boxes

Stash boxes are storage containers that are particularly designed to house cannabis goods. The main design idea is to keep cannabis flower fresh, which necessitates an opaque storage container and an airtight seal. The greatest storage boxes in 2022, however, go much farther than that.

The greatest new stash box designs include lockable lids, rolling trays, and clever extras like one-hitters and multitools. Furthermore, stash boxes are now frequently odor-proof, with incorporated carbon filters and rubberized zippers to preserve that distinct odor within. If you’re looking for a good gift for someone who consumes cannabis look no further, these always make fine additions to one’s collection.


A grinder is a tool that is used to break down cannabis into little pieces that are more or less the same size and consistency. Weed is typically crushed down for rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs, but it may also be used to load bowls in pipes and bongs for a smoother, more consistent burn. Grinders are typically round in shape, like a puck, and may be spun to break down cannabis.

They can be constructed of a range of components, including metal, which is pricey yet long-lasting. Plastic ones are inexpensive, but their sole disadvantage is that they shatter easily. And wooden ones, which are visually appealing but difficult to clean.

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For the most part, disposable lighters are the preferred method for cannabis smoking. They are inexpensive, fit comfortably in your pocket, last a reasonable amount of time, and don’t require a large flame to ignite.

The issue with disposables is that they are quite limited in terms of what they allow you to light. When it comes to dabbing, they simply don’t cut it. Furthermore, the feeble flame they generate might let you down when trying to light up in windy situations.

Fortunately, there are several alternatives to inexpensive disposables available like the USB rechargeable ones or old classic Zippo lighters. A lighter is always a good idea for a gift especially to cannabis consumers as they are an excellent way to show off.

Final Thoughts

There is no one way to enjoy cannabis, but nothing is worse than being unprepared for a sudden smoke session. This is a common notion among many cannabis consumers, which is why we advise you to use this list as a guideline for yourself or your stoner buddies. You will find yourself enjoying and appreciating cannabis on a whole new level.

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