a waterfront sports bar in miami beachAre you starving for sports action? Having trouble finding a sports bar with the kind of atmosphere you want? I’m here to help! Keep reading to find out about the best sports bars and deals in Miami Beach.

Confused About Sports Bars at Miami Beach?

For many, when they hear “Miami Beach” only one thing comes to mind and that is South Beach. South Beach is great and there’s always plenty of fun to be had there, but when it comes to the best sports bars in Miami Beach there are some great places in both South Beach and North Beach. Most sports fans don’t mind going a few blocks or more to find a great sports bar that fits their team attitude and gets the game day party going on all cylinders. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some sports bars up and down the beach.

Duffy’s: Sports Bar North Beach

If we’re talking football in Miami, pro football that is, then we’re talking the Miami Dolphins. Dolphins fans love congregating at Duffy’s Sports Grill at their North Miami Beach location. On game day this place will be packed with fans cheering the game and, most likely, cheering Duffy’s killer drink specials. They even have 2 for 1 deals! Not just a pigskin palace, Duffy’s is an all-around sports bar. No matter what you may be a fan of, you’re bound to find some sports action at Duffy’s.

Yard House for Sports in South Beach

Next up we have the Yard House in Miami Beach. Like Duffy’s there are multiple Yard Houses in the Miami area. I’m talking about the one on Lenox Ave near the Lincoln Mall. It is easy to find and convenient. The Yard House is a huge, lively joint with a full bar, plenty of craft beers and good eats. Add Happy Hours every day except Saturday, plenty of big screens, a party vibe and you have a good sports time anyone can enjoy in the South Beach area.

The Clevelander: A Sports Bar and More

How about a place that screams “Miami Beach” but with sports and deals for locals? Sound like too much to ask? Not at our next hot spot. It’s time to hit the Clevelander South Beach. The Clevelander is a hotel with a restaurant, a pool/patio combo, and Jack’s Sports Bar which features 15 HDTVs! Action, South Beach style is what the Clevelander is all about. There’s always something happening here and Jack’s Sports Bar at the Clevelander should be on every list of the best sports bars in Miami Beach. Take a local with you to score some great deals!

Norman’s-A North Beach Sports Bar

Jumping back to a northern beach location with a chill local vibe, Norman’s Tavern is the place to enjoy some sports action. The food is good and consistent. There’s always some sports on the screens. You can hang out at Norman’s, feel like a local, and eat and drink for not too much money.

Lost Weekend Sports Bar South Miami Beach

Finally, I want to mention Lost Weekend in South Beach. The name alone is bound to make you curious! Lost Weekend is a low key, no glitz and glamour sports bar in Miami Beach. There are sports on the TV’s plus pool tables, foosball and other games to play. It may be a bit of a dive compared to some places around, but it has a homey feel to it and you won’t have to up your credit limit when you order drinks.

There you have it. We’ve hit on some of the top sports bars in Miami Beach. I’ve talked about some South Beach and North Beach favorites. From big, banging joints to chill local hang outs when you’re in the mood for sports, you have plenty to choose from in Miami Beach.

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