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There’s nothing like heading out to your favorite watering hole on the weekends, or even for a quick after-work cocktail on occasion. And while you likely visit these establishments for the convenience they offer and for the quality of service they provide, you can actually have all the comforts of your favorite bar right at home.

Home bars are nothing new. But rather than having an old, dusty liquor cabinet that’s relatively lackluster, you can design your own home bar using available space in your home.

A home bar should be able to facilitate entertainment as well as an area for you to store your favorite spirits and prepare delicious cocktails. And often, you don’t really need a large space to do this.

If you’re wanting to design your own home bar for yourself or for entertaining guests, the following will provide a few ideas for you to think about.

Garage Bars

Your garage is a multipurpose space. And if you use your garage only for storage purposes, or if it’s just sitting there empty, there’s no better room to build a bar.

Garages are often areas of the home that are converted for a variety of reasons. And typically, this is to facilitate a rec-room or an additional bonus room. But when you convert a garage into a bar, you’ll have plenty of space to work with.

A few elements that you’ll want to incorporate into your garage bar are listed below:

  • Large flatscreen TV
  • Mirrored walls
  • Beer coolers
  • Wine cooler
  • Bar shelves
  • Speedwell
  • Soda gun
  • Dump sink
  • Barstools

Now you can build a garage bar as large as you want. Just keep in mind that in order to have a full-sized bar setup, you’re going to need ample space, plumbing, electricity, and an area set aside to piece your bar together.

Hideaway Bar

The home hideaway bar is perhaps one of the most simple and affordable ways to add a bar to your home. And often, these bars aren’t as geared toward entertaining as they are toward offering you a convenient and inconspicuous way to store your booze.

Hideaway bars are typically built into inlets or large cubby areas such as a bookshelf with a larger counter space. And if you want to keep this area discrete, you can cover them with a sliding door, or traditional cabinet doors.

Other hideaway bars are more elaborate and offer mechanically retractable curtains operated by a switch. This allows you to conceal the bar with a retractable cover which you can lock to keep all of your top-shelf items secure.

Additionally, hideaway bars don’t have to take up too much space at all, and often they’re only the size of a standard double-cabinet that most kitchens are already equipped with. But you can also consider installing a baker’s rack and converting this into a hideaway bar by adding a few drawers or a hatch that can cover your hideaway. Just be sure to use high-quality drawer slides or hinges for seamless operation.

Living Room bars

If you’re really into entertainment, or you just love the idea of having a bar as a focal point of your home, there’s nothing wrong with installing a bar directly into your living area complete with a tap array or a beer machine for home brewing if you see fit. And depending on the layout of your home, you’ll have several approaches for design.

A living room bar can be made out of any materials you favor. For example, if you have concrete flooring, you can build a bar top to match the style of the floor by using matching ceramic tile. But you should also note that this can become costly depending on how large you want your bar to be.

Most living room bars are also considered “wet bars” as they have a sink incorporated into the bar space. But you don’t need to rework your plumbing just to facilitate a sink. In fact, you could have an elaborate “dry bar” without a sink if you’re trying to keep costs low.

Additionally, living room bars should blend in with the interior design of the room. However, having your liquor shelving serve as a focal point with a backsplash area that offers contrast also adds a nice touch to any living room bar.

At the end of the day, there are infinite possibilities when you decide to add a bar to your home. And this all depends on how elaborate you want your bar to be. As such, consider how often you’ll be entertaining or using your bar prior to creating your designs.

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