I’ve been a frequent visitor to Sin City, as I spoke about on this update last week.  While I was able to put together a rough guide to a bachelor party in Las Vegas last year, I am sorry to admit that I’m human and I do take care of myself sometimes.  What that means is I tone down the lifestyle out there and reset myself with a steady dose of gym, green juice, and real water.

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What is Real Water Las Vegas?

Real Water in Las Vegas is a brand.  I like it because it’s alkalized.  This experience in consuming water really ups my game and I can legitimately taste and FEEL a difference when I drink this. It’s almost like if you drink tap water your entire life and then have a nice cold Evian water out of the bottle.  (Seriously, how delicious is that?)

While the company does not make nutritional claims, they do say that real water strives to be “the best drinking water available today.”

It’s great tasting, and has a proprietary blend of E2 Electron Energized Technology, so it’s beyond alkalinity.  In fact, it’s infused with negative ions.

I can’t say enough good things about Real Water Las Vegas.  It’s a testament that I sourced it locally in South Florida and continue to buy it by the case. I’m super into hydration as a form of skin care, sports performance, and just healthy living, and this is my water of choice.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

#1:  Detoxify

Drinking alkaline water will remove normal acidic waste that you pick up on a daily basis.  This can be toxins as well drugs prescribed to you, bad foods, and of course, just the natural aging process.  You can neutralize your acidity that accumulates in your body when you drink alkaline water.

#2:  Hydrate

Of course, we all know the benefits of hydrating.  I’m not even going to go into this, it’s so obvious.  Just know that this water removes contaminants.

#3:  Oxygenate / Antioxidants

This is a common topic in my Skin Pro corporation, we always speak about getting antioxidants into the system.  Since alkaline water can give up electrons, it can neutralize and block free radical damage.  It’s a fact that cancer, as well as almost every other illness, cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

#4:  You Alkalize Your Body’s pH

This water assists in balancing your body’s pH.  This is something that is normally acidic because of our food diets that are high in acid, as well as being exposed to toxins like smog.  When you drink alkaline water, you alkalize your body pH from acidic to alkaline pH, and this should be done (again) on the sole concept that cancer and other illnesses can’t make it in these environments.  Healthy people have an alkaline state, it boosts energy and overall health and well being.

#5:  Boost Your Immune System

When you boost your immune system, you help yourself fight diseases, heal itself, and live healthy.

I’m not going to get all scientific, because at the end of the day there are many components to help you live healthy and be healthy.  You need to start by eating solid and using proper nutritional supplements, but at the very least, you can keep your skin healthy and body cleansed by drinking as much water as humanly possible.


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