Male Grooming Trends

In 2018, the global male grooming products industry reached $60.6 billion. By 2024, the market value will reach $81.2 billion at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period 2019-2024, according to Research and Markets. Male grooming products were limited to shaving creams, aftershave cologne, deodorant, and shampoos until the last few decades.

In recent years, the industry provides the modern man with a wide variety of hair products, skincare products, shower gels, makeup, and aftershave tips for men to get smooth skin. Manicure, pedicure, and facials are no longer for women only. With more men accepting metro sexuality, we can only expect to witness emerging grooming trends that aim at improving men’s social image.

Hair Transplants

While some men seem comfortable without hair, others are struggling to keep the last strands on their heads. For men who cannot pull a bald look, the obsession with having a full head is a desire they strive to achieve every day. Fortunately, different hair restoration procedures are proving to be effective solutions for those struggling with hair loss. For this reason, market experts predict that hair transplants will be trending in 2020 and beyond, as more men seek to grow hair in bald areas.

Increased Demand for Body Groomer Kits

There are different reasons for body grooming, and it all depends on a man’s personal preferences. Some shave for hygienic purposes, others get rid of excessive hair to show their muscles and enhance their outward appearance. The different grooming needs for men have led to the development of a variety of body groomers, which are now essential tools in the bathroom. With advancements in technology, groomers come with appealing features that make shaving and trimming of excess hair more effortless than ever before.

Full Body Grooming

Hair Care is one of the most popular grooming trends that almost every male in the world has tried. In the past, however, men have been searching for ways to remove unwanted body hair. It is until now that barber shops and hairdressers have seen a trend in hair care as more men focus on hair care routines to get rid of hair other than that on their heads. Therefore, expect to see barber shops offering full body hair threading, trimming, and waxing services. Men looking for a permanent solution will likely invest in laser treatment, an advanced hair removal technique, which is also useful in fixing uneven eyebrows and beard growth.

Makeup Products for Men

Maintaining a social image and giving a positive impression in society is a top priority for the modern-man. With this in mind, 2020 will see an increasing demand for makeup products designed for men as trends are slowly becoming part of grooming products. For example, luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Tom Ford have recently released makeup for men towards the end of 2018. Illuminated moisturizers, foundation, bronzer, and tinted lip balm are some of the simple cosmetic products you will find in a man’s bag or pocket.

While improving their looks is a priority, men will also focus on sustainable products. Like women, men will spend considerable amounts of time and money on makeup, facials, manicure, and pedicure to enhance their image.  Men will prioritize products packaged in recyclable material. They will avoid plastic packages and palm-oil products as a way of reducing their carbon footprint in the world. As a result, we can expect to see more sustainable grooming products in the market.

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