For the past 30 years, home sizes have been increasing exponentially and are allowing homeowners the freedom to customize spaces in their home like never before. The purpose of a ‘Man Cave’ is pretty simple. A private place where a man can retreat to work on his toys, watch movies and sports, and be free from the responsibilities of the male adult life. Whether its a garage, basement, or back house; you will need a few crucial things to really solidify your man cave.

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Fund Your Sanctuary

If you want to do a man cave the right way, you are going to need a place with size that will give you enough room to define your personal space. With remodeling costs, furniture moving, and toy buying; it is important to come up with funds for your project. The average amount of money needed to complete a man cave is anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Man caves are no light work, and you should make an organized plan for financing and building it before continuing.

Watch The Game The Right Way

While being at the ballpark, stadium, or arena can provide an experience of a lifetime, there’s nothing like enjoying your favorite team play from the comfort of your recliner. The first order of business to any man cave is to make sure you are ready to watch all the games the right way. What does this mean? Huge recliners with cup holders, big screen TV and multiple other screens, and all the sports network cable packages are classic examples of watching sports the way a man is supposed to. Finding the right places to sit is crucial to your gameday experience. From La-z-boy sofas to remote controlled massage chairs, comfort is key when selecting your man cave furniture. Your television is equally important, and selling your man cave short with a small TV set is not an option. Grab a massive TV or multiple normal size ones to watch the game from all angles. With the myriad of HD sports packages, it’s only right you compliment your TV with all the channels and in-depth analysis possible. With these things, your man cave will be impossible to leave.

Man Caves Are Works Of Art

Your man cave is a testament to you and your hobbies and fandom. It’s only right to reflect your passion with effort in the design and decor. The best way to deck your man cave out is with sports and entertainment memorabilia. Since your man cave is your go to spot for watching your hometown or your favorite movie series, why not cover the room in all the gear you can? Jerseys of your favorite players, posters from your favorite movies, and signed gear are all perfect additions to your man cave. Foosball, billiards, and poker tables are also perfect to cap off your dedication to entertainment. With these fun activities as well as collectible decor covering your man cave, all your buddies will be jealous of the sanctuary you have built.

Get Up And Make Your Cave

Though acquiring the furniture, entertainment equipment, memorabilia, and toys needed for a top notch man cave can be pricey, the memories and stress relief are priceless. With recliners and sofas lining your man cave, you’ll be able to sink into your seat while experiencing the big game on your gigantic flat screen TV. Autographed equipment and collectibles will keep you surrounded with the things you love. Take these steps to ensure your man cave is the real deal.

Shield Yourself Now

Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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