You are witty, full of conversation, and people tell you that you are good looking.

That said, you only have one shot to make a first impression with women you meet online, and today I’m opening up my vault of Tinder openers so you can have the ultimate hack – one liners that are geared towards getting a response!  You can really use these in any message exchanging format, but I wrote this with the Tinder App in mind.

Just copy these Tinder Openers – they are tried and tested.  Some things in life are just better done when a formula is followed, so why re-invent the wheel?

If you are looking to see just how easy it can be to get women to reply to you, use this list of the best tinder openers, then come back here and thank me later with a comment.

The Best Tinder Openers for Responses

To start off, here is a solid Tinder opener you can use that will encourage women to flirt back at you.  Again, this is a tried and tested message you can open with.

Opener #1:  The “expert opener”

Hey (insert name) I need your advice on something important….

This opening statement works like a charm because what girl won’t naturally be intrigued?  It’s a mind fuck of sort, where they will scratch their head and think long and hard about how to reply.

With this sort of Tinder opener, women will generally let their guard down and have curiosity about what could you possibly be asking her advice for.

Just sit back and wait for it.  It’ll work wonders.

Replying to This Tinder Opener

So you lobbed out the message, and she replied.  Maybe it was witty, maybe it was a one liner simply asking what you wanted advice on.

It’s now on YOU to reply with something witty.

Response #1:

“Okay, there is this (insert eye color) attractive girl who is really into me, and we’re trying to figure out a first date.  She is a classy girl and seems sophisticated, but I’m trying to figure out if we should go to fancy restaurant right from the get go, or just sort of go with a sports bar / lounge since I know she likes sports as well.  What do you think?”

She will reply and suggest one or the other, and you will strike here!

Response #2: 

Great, what’s your number so we can plan that out?

Boom, there you have it.  An easy opening line you can use at Tinder.  This obtained a phone number without much back and forth, and let’s face it, uncomfortable, boring “how are you today” type messages that nobody really sends with any care anyway.

Provoking thoughts and catching women off guard is one of the best ways to get them to open up to you, and this templated system does just that.

Reasons Why This Works So Well

#1:  You compliment her.  (Always do this, and do so repeatedly.)

#2: You paid attention to her.  (You read her profile enough to know her interests.  Refer to them in your message.)

#3:  You got her buy in and decision on a date.  (She selected one of the two, didn’t she?)

So with compliments abundant, and a first date idea all set to be mapped out, what do you have to lose?  This generates so many responses, it’s almost unfair.

Of course, I use these on many dating sites for adults as well, but they aren’t as needed there because, you know, the women are pretty horny as is.  This type of message works on sites like Plenty of Fish.

Another Example of an Opening Message on Tinder

Opener #2:  Flirting for the Win

Hopefully you’ve put in some solid time and achieved good results with the first formula, but if you are looking to expand into other openers, the Flirting formula is another solid one that can’t be ignored.

You are going to use what I call the “TRIPLE C” approach.  This encompasses the following:

  • Commonality
  • Complimenting
  • Challenging

Steps to Execute this Formula:

  1. Scan her profile to look for something either written or pictured that would be a commonality.
  2. Compliment her on the commonality.
  3. Come up with a challenge that goes hand in hand with the commonality and the compliment.

Easy enough?

Let’s walk through an example of this playing out.

So let’s say she’s into cooking and CrossFit.  People can relate to both of those, I assume?

Let’s say you are into both of those, for simplicity sake.

You could kick off with “Hey, which cross fit do you go to?  That’s my jam!”

It’s open ended, which is key here.  Of course, you want to add some spice to it so you could go in heavier and be like:

“I would love to see those toned arms do the xxx challenge at the local CrossFit.  I bet you can’t do better than me, but you look amazing.”

What you just did there was combine the three C’s.  #BOOM.

Watch your responses come back in droves after doing that.

When you apply these techniques into your Tinder follow up game, you’ll see a lot more personality come through your messages, and of course, the return messages you receive.

Good luck, and happy hunting!




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Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In his own words he is "part day trader, part pick up artist, part journalist." His content is a special guest contribution exclusive to TMB.

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