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When buying contact lenses online, many factors must be taken into consideration, including price, reputation, and selection.

Be wary of deep discounts as they may come with hidden fees or poor customer service. When selecting your retailer, ensure they can verify your prescription.


Online shopping has become an increasingly popular and reliable method of purchasing products such as contact lenses. While this requires more effort than visiting an eye doctor, online purchasing can save both time and money.

Before ordering anything online, people should research the retailer, understand what they’re purchasing, familiarize themselves with their prescription, and take advantage of discount sites or browser extensions to further reduce costs.

Before purchasing contact lenses online, people should first review their current prescription. You can locate this number on the label of your eyeglasses or from a letter sent after their last doctor visit, and then compare that with that listed at an online contact lens store’s website – if prices seem excessive or the lenses don’t meet requirements then search elsewhere.

At checkout, customers must upload an image or PDF of their valid prescription, or request that their physician call the online store directly for verification purposes. Although this step may take several days to complete, completing it is critical.

Prices for identical contacts may differ between sellers, so it’s essential to compare. Some individuals even find they can access similar products at lower costs with subscription services.

Others can take advantage of bulk orders to save money; placing three or six month supply orders may give discounts. Healthcare savings accounts or flexible spending accounts through employers may help reduce contact lenses’ cost as well.

People should make it a point to visit an eye doctor every year for their prescription to be checked, to help avoid vision-related health issues such as floaters and blurriness in vision. If changes arise in vision, contact the eye doctor immediately for advice.


When shopping online for contact lenses, it’s essential to choose a retailer with a strong reputation. Even the top brands could wind up costing more when sold by an untrustworthy company. Reviews from customers can provide insight into if a company sells low-grade or inferior products; low customer ratings could indicate they offer inferior quality goods.

Websites should offer a selection of contact lenses that match those recommended by an eye doctor, while others provide more choices such as daily disposables, colored contacts and multifocal lenses. Selecting a reputable online retailer like offering such variety can save both time and money in your search for contact lens solutions. Many people find this a convenient solution.

People should also consider how quickly they can obtain their contact lenses; some websites can ship the lenses within several days while others may take up to two weeks. Furthermore, people should review each contact lens seller’s return policy to ensure customer satisfaction with customer service provided by that business.

Consider also how much of a savings one could realize by purchasing their contact lenses in bulk, such as purchasing from 1-800 Contacts which offers bulk orders of contact lenses that will arrive every month for 12 months – you can even exchange any unused boxes free of charge!

As a final precaution, it’s a wise move to purchase from an established, sizable online contact lens retailer. This will reduce the risk that their business goes out of business, leaving people without access to updated prescription lenses. Furthermore, purchasing from such a large retailer ensures your order will be verified by an eye doctor prior to being shipped – something required by law.


People should keep two things in mind when purchasing contact lenses online: quality of lenses and company reputation. Individuals can read customer reviews or ask their eye doctor for recommendations when selecting their brand of contact lens, while being wary of websites offering alternative brands without specifying prescription.

Prices of products sold online often differ between sellers, making price comparison websites an invaluable way to quickly locate good offers and deals. They also help narrow down options by showing which are available with special promotions such as rebates or special discounts; but care must be taken as they don’t take shipping costs or rebates into account.

Some online contact lens retailers provide subscription services that enable consumers to receive lenses automatically each month, making life more convenient while saving money over time. But people should be wary of retailers that try to force them into subscribing or charge additional fees for using it.

Before purchasing contact lenses online, individuals should also ensure that their prescription is up to date. This is especially crucial if they wear multiple types of contact lenses; those unsure whether their current prescription is valid should consult an eye doctor or schedule an eye exam to be sure. You can click the link for more information about eye exams.

What to Look For in Contact Lenses

When choosing contact lenses, patients often consider multiple factors like convenience, cost and lifestyle when making their choice.

To find the optimal lenses for themselves, eye examination and consultation with an eye care practitioner are crucial in order to identify which correction type best meets their needs and address any ocular or systemic health concerns that could inhibit lens wear.

As well as prescribing distance and near vision lenses, practitioners may also use an instrument known as a keratometer to assess the curvature of the cornea or front surface of the eye using a keratometer.

This measurement may reveal irregularly shaped or astigmatic eyes which would benefit from correction with toric lenses specifically tailored to this condition. Other measurements performed frequently include pupil size and horizontal visible iris diameter corneal topography, eccentricity/apical centration measurements as well as scleral toricity/sagittal height measurements.

Finally, it’s important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices and must be treated as such. This means adhering to recommended cleaning and wearing schedules as well as not sleeping in them – something which could result in serious complications and infection. You can visit this site for more information.

There are several factors to consider while shopping for contact lenses online. These include the type of lens, the retailer’s reputation, and the cost of the item.

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