There is no question about the popularity of the hardwood in interior design. The reason might be because wood is a versatile flooring material and you can slay it in numerous styles, cuts, finishes, and colors. 

Due to technological advancements and an increase in user demand for wood flooring, manufacturers are always busy experimenting with the cuts and styling of the wood to bring something for every home.

So, if you are planning to add wood in your flooring, then think no further. It is the best choice! Just pick up the desired hardwood flooring trends enlisted above and install them. You will never regret your decision – they are so awesome!

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Matte Finishes to Stay Low Key:

If going bling-bling is not your kind of thing, then this matte finish is just the perfect solution for you. Not everyone wants to live in a home, coming straight from a royal storybook. Some people want to live in a home that just feels like ‘home’ – all-natural, warm, and simple. Matte finishes click right on this desire of people who want hardwood flooring with less sheen. And not to forget that matte finish is also a life saviour if you live in a dusty area or have children that are always ready to put a scratch on your glossy floor. 

Sustainable Finishing is Getting Popular:

When sustainability is becoming a living mantra of people, hardwood floor finishing is also tilting towards this life’s goal. Instead of going for low-grade polyurethanes, people are opting for high-grade options that are sustainable and nature friendly.

People are also switching to oiled finishing because it is durable and helps in retaining the texture and color of the wood. The best thing about oil finishing is that you don’t need a professional person to fix scratches and smudges. 

You can put an oil coat yourself whenever or wherever you get scratch on the surface. So, with oiled finishing, you don’t need to walk on the floor carefully or scold children while they are dragging the chair because you can anytime fix the damage!

Wire Brushed Finish is Here to Stay:

Not a fan of plain, shiny, and smooth wood finishes, and want to add some texture? Then this wire brushed finish is just the right fit for you. You can take wire brushed finishes as a modern saga of distressed wood. 

It gives a vintage look to the surface of the floor by enhancing the graining of the wood. But unlike distressed wood, it doesn’t lean towards a rough surface look – just a little bit of the texture for rugged-look lovers.

Dark Toned Wood for Black Lovers

Dark colors have a class of their own. You no longer need shiny black tiles to complete your apartment’s look. Now you can do the same with hardwood. This trend has been growing very fast for the past decade, and it is a design that never goes wrong. Other than dark red, green, and blue, dark-toned hardwood blends with every color. Light and white colors create a perfect eye-catching contrast that gives your home a luxury look. 

Many people go with a mix of grey and dark brown to add coolness and a bit of depth in the design. This hardwood design usually requires high maintenance and more cleaning compared to most other floors. That’s why it’s usually the choice of people who have servants or don’t have any kids at home. 

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