Beginners in golf may find it confusing and challenging to select the essential items to put in their bags. Without the right things, your experience playing golf might be subpar (no pun intended). Continue reading to know six items that you should always bring for every golf trip.


The right golf driver for beginners can help alleviate several problems on the course. Use the right golf club, and you can reduce the occurrences of issues like:

  • Swinging too hard
  • Swinging too soft
  • Poor alignment
  • Poor grip

Choosing the right driver should be the first, albeit one of the most challenging decisions to make for beginner golfers. However, this isn’t impossible to achieve.

You can find three different driverclubhead sizes: small, medium, and large. Small-sized club heads allow excellent control for each swing thanks to their lightweight frames. Large clubheads are ideal for taking long shots. On the other hand, medium-sized club heads have characteristics that are between small and large club heads, creating excellent balance for golfers who have trouble perfecting their shots.

Also, consider the shaft, loft, and length when shopping for the appropriate driver to your bag. Practice your swings with the right club, and you should see a significant improvement in your performance at the golf course.

Essential Items for Golf

Golf Balls

You can’t play golf without golf balls and running out of balls while you’re playing can happen to both beginners and experienced golf players.

Try to use at least three to four golf ball sleeves. The extra balls should suffice if you hit one, and it went somewhere where it’s hard to retrieve. Try practicing your swings first at the driving range before you hit the nine or 18-hole courses to avoid unintentionally losing golf balls.

Furthermore, bringing more than four balls at once will place an unwanted weight in your golf bag. Travel light, especially if you’re golfing without a cart to now cause any injuries on your shoulders.


Some beginners and even some veteran golfers tend to overlook the value of bringing towels during golf trips. Most golf courses tend to not have proper shades, and you’ll regularly walk under the sun. Soon, you’ll find your gloves dripping with sweat, which can adversely affect your ideal swing.

Always keep at least two towels in your bag. One towel is for your sweat, and the other one is for your clubs. Don’t hesitate to wipe your hands, forehead, and clubs before swinging to help ensure that perfect strike.

Sun Screen

Many golfers play under the heat, so it should make sense to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Otherwise, you’ll come home with sunburnt skin, which can be annoying and painful.

Pick the most suitable sunscreen for your skin as some of these skincare products can be too oily or too dry. Constantly wiping your face due to a greasy sunscreen will ruin your game.

Consider using spray-on sunscreen instead of the cream variants. That way, you can keep your hands dry, maintain proper sun protection on your skin, and swing without any worries.

Golf Tees

Golf tees tend to fly off into the distance for each swing. Don’t be that person that needs to borrow a tee in the middle of a course. Keep a significant amount of tees in your bag to ensure that you don’t run out.

Also, tees tend to come in two materials: plastic or wood. Wooden tees tend to have better durability than their plastic counterparts, but they might not offer excellent balance. On the other hand, plastic tees might be less durable than wood, but these can provide a better balance to balls.

Beginner golfers should consider purchasing both plastic or wooden tees at the start of their golfing journeys. Use both to identify which would you like between these two options.

Ball Markers

This is the most commonly used term by golfers to indicate a commonly small, flat object which is used to mark the place of a golf ball where it has been lifted on the putting green. Recently, ball makers refer to anything that helps golfers add a label or put any type of decoration to a golf ball.

Perhaps one mishap that you don’t want to happen often in the golf course is when two balls bump into each other. It will be tough for golfers to determine where their ball stopped. Use golf markers instead to mark the location of where your ball stopped.


Your golf bag should contain essential items like the right drivers, sunscreens, golf balls, golf ball markers, towels, and tees before you go on a golfing trip. Remember to practice your swings regularly to develop that perfect swing, which could land you that coveted “Hole in One”.

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