Best Xmas Gifts for Women

So it’s Christmas time and you’ve loaded up on all of the things that men buy, but what about that special lady in your life? You have to make sure you spoil your lady and show her you care. Whether it be a big present or something small and thoughtful, she’ll always appreciate the gesture and know that she’s loved.

But where to begin? It’s easy to shop for a guy. But what do we know about what she wants? If you ask her, she’ll probably say something like “I don’t need anything, just time together.” While she may say that, you know there will be hell to pay if you don’t get her anything. Here’s a list of ideas of what to get her this holiday season and keep her smiling.

What to Buy Women for Christmas

buy perfume for xmas for her


Women love to look good, feel good, smell good. I was walking through the mall with my girlfriend one time and she randomly said “Sometime I want you to just come here and buy a perfume that you’d like me to wear.” She didn’t need to tell me twice.¬†While it’s nice to restock her favorite perfume that she’s running low on, she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness if you pick out one yourself that you enjoy the smell of and would like her to wear.

xmas gift purse for her

Handbags and Purses

You know women love these and have so many for every occasion, though we will never understand it. Us men have one wallet (for me it’s a money clip) and that’s all we need. But women love to have all kinds of handbags and purses. Some small, some large. Some plain, some decorative. Handheld or over the shoulder strap. I’ll never understand it, but I know my girl will be happy with a new one. Take her to the mall sometime and check out what kind of handbags she’s browsing at the department store, perhaps there’s one or two she’s lingering on longer than others while browsing, and go back to the store later and buy it for her.

sunglasses gift for christmas for her


Just like with purses, women can never have too many different pairs of sunglasses. Some or casual, some are stylish. There’s cheap ones that she doesn’t mind breaking or losing, and more expensive ones that she makes sure to keep out of harm’s way and handles delicately. If perhaps the two of you have a sunny getaway planned for the cold winter month’s surprise her with some new sunglasses to wear on your trip.

buy her jewelry for christmas gift


What woman doesn’t love being presented with a fancy bracelet or necklace? While it’s cliche, you can never go wrong when buying a woman jewelry. You know her style better than anybody, so I’m not here to tell you how much to spend on her. Some women love that bling, while others love something that is simple and thoughtful. Show her you put some thought in it and got something that you know she would like. Just like with the purses above, take her to a store and see what catches her eye, and take the hint.

give her the gift of a spa day

Spa Treatment

Who doesn’t love being pampered? Buy her a day at the spa where she can relax and unwind and forget about her stresses. She’ll feel even more beautiful after¬†and will return the love to you later. You can also extend this idea by getting her a spa gift set she can use in the bath whenever she wants.

These are just a few ideas to let her know you care during this holiday season and that she holds a special place in your life. Happy shopping!

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