V2 Void Vaporizer by XEO

The XEO Void Vaporizer is the perfect vape starter kit you can use immediately with absolute ease!

It was engineered in Germany, and you know the Germans make good stuff!  (That’s a line from the great pitch man Vince Offer.)

I went with “Burst Silver” color and it comes with the below components:

  • 1 Xeo Void 1500 mAh Battery + 2 ML Tank Device
  • 1 Xeo Void atomizer head 0.6 Ohm (straight to lung drag)
  • 1 Xeo Void atomizer head 1.0 Ohm
  • 1 Xeo Micro USB 2.0 Cable
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Some of the main features of the product include:

  • Child Protection
  • No Leaking
  • Refillable
  • Airflow

The V2 Void Vaporizer is a new German innovation by XEO, which is an electronic cigarette company based there.  Over in Europe, they actually are pro-vaping and e cigarettes, which is way different from the views over here in the USA.  So for starters, the regulations aren’t as crazy as what the FDA has done over here.  They care more about product safety which is a progressive way to think.

I checked out this XEO company and they have been leading the charge over in Europe in designing the best e cigs.  They have to go through a rigorous regulatory standardization and all of the vape tanks must be 100% leak proof.  Everything is designed “to the nines” with this device.

The Void by V2 Cigs is a device that will be an easy way to get you into vaping, if you haven’t started yet.  It’s also a subohm device which works great with VG e juices.  It also comes equipped with an MTL, which stands for mouth to lung vape, for the same juices.  Mouth to lung vaping (MTL) is the act of drawing vapor into your mouth and inhaling.  When you do that, it feels like you are smoking a traditional cigarette.  On the other hand, “DL” (direct lung vaping) is mostly found in subohm and temperature control vapes.  These are the people looking for the largest clouds when they exhale.  I know this is a lot of technical talk, but I’ve done reviews for many of these products and learned quite a bit along the way.  The V2 Void is a great place to start vaping.

With the e cigarettes like this one that come with a refillable tank, you will find a better bang for your buck, longer lasting batteries, and huge clouds of vapor.

Why Buy the V2 Void Ecig?

I’ve been using the V2 brand since 2010.  Their two piece e-cigs have always treated me right, and I’m happy to say they have a headquarters that I’ve personally toured in Miami, Florida. In fact, I call several of their employees friends of mine, and watching them evolve into the company they are today has been nothing short of incredible.  They make very innovative devices, and the Void by V2 is simply the latest.  You can check out the Vertx Plus review I just did recently as well for a look at another one of their products.

When you try to decide to buy the V2 Void, you should know that it’s an incredible “first vape product to buy.”

There are many items that will be over your experience level, but the V2 Void will not be. It’s pretty much one of the best options out there for beginners to moderate vapers, or people like me who just want something easy to use that you don’t have to fool around with too much.  As a casual vaper, this is the thing that I buy to relax and vape when I want to vape.

This is Made for PG and V2 E Liquid Juices

Everyone who has vaped a while probably knows about PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin).  They are both food grade additives and are used in items like food, shampoo, and even the stuff you use to brush your teeth!  (Toothpaste, obviously.)  PG is a more thin liquid with more robust flavors.  VG is thicker and doesn’t transport flavor as well.  Some people like blends of both. I really don’t get into that too much to be honest.


Whether you are a casual vape enthusiast, or just beginning, I can’t recommend this product enough.  The brand has been very good to me over the years, and I’m very happy with this latest release.  Plus, with a German heritage, this one I’m sort of proud of, in a weird way!

If you want an example of what NOT to buy, click here:

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  1. Lisa

    I too have been with V2 for 9 yrs. Great company but,since they stopped selling VOID e-cigs I can’t find them for sale where can I purchase these?

    • Admin

      Let me look around, Lisa. I’ll be back in touch soon!


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