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Heartburn and acid reflux are incredibly painful and can drastically disrupt your day-to-day life. Understanding how to lead a lifestyle that will ensure you’re able to cut down on heartburn and reflux issues can be tough without proper knowledge, but with the right know-how, you can finally free yourself from the burden of frequent heartburn episodes. To assist you on this journey, here are eight ways to prevent and treat heartburn:

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight remains one of the absolute best ways to prevent many common health issues. When it comes to heartburn, extra weight puts pressure on your gastrointestinal system and increases the frequency of acid reflux. In fact, being overweight is one of the leading causes of GERD in general. Dieting, exercise, and thoughtful living provide some of the best ways to keep your health in a healthy, sustainable state.

2. Avoid Sleeping Right After Eating

When you eat, your body needs time to be active and aware to be able to process your food effectively. Gravity is actually one of your best tools in fighting acid reflux and heartburn issues as it turns out. However, when you take a nap right after eating or go to sleep for the night within three hours of your last meal, your chances of acid flow harming your esophagus are increased. To prevent waking up with a sore throat and heartburn symptoms, it’s imperative that you follow the three-hour rule.

3. Eat Smaller Portions

Not overstuffing your stomach is key in regulating GERD and preventing severe heartburn symptoms. When you eat large meals, it puts incredible pressure on your gastrointestinal system and stomach. Proper portioning will also help in keeping your weight at a healthy, sustainable state, so it’s a win-win.

4. Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Beyond eating, there are many aspects of heartburn that are tied to how you sleep. Without a comfortable position for your body, gravity cannot do its job in helping your body function in a way that prevents heartburn and acid reflux. Getting your head six inches above the bed is typically recommended by medical professionals. That being said, don’t use extra pillows, as they only raise your head in a way that will not assist you in dealing with GERD.

5. Medication Changes

Understanding how your medications affect your stomach and other bodily functions that can increase GERD blowback is crucial. There are many fantastic medications out there that will help cut down on your heartburn, but knowing which are safe and effective is something you should leave up to a doctor. Past heartburn medicines like Zantac caused severe side effects and even cancer-linked effects in patients. If you found yourself victimized by Zantac, you should get in touch with the professional, knowledgeable legal team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers.

6. Cut Down on Acid Reflux Inducing Foods

There are a lot of foods that can cause acid reflux, and they make the chances of heartburn increase significantly. Fatty foods, onions, (most) chocolates, mint, coffee, and spicy foods should all be eaten in severe moderation. If you’re currently experiencing a frequent number of heartburn episodes, you should consider cutting down on these foods almost entirely. These steps will also assist you in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle as well, so be sure to implement this tactic ASAP.

7. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

Beyond just wanting to be comfortable in your own clothes, you should consider wearing clothes that let your body breathe – especially if you’re finding yourself experiencing frequent heartburn episodes. Not wearing tight clothes and always wearing properly fitting belts will help you avoid constricting your stomach. The style boost you’ll get will make this tactic that much more life-changing. During exercise, it’s particularly important that you avoid tight or uncomfortable clothes.

8. Go Gluten-Free

Several recent studies have discovered gluten’s connection to a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley (a protein that will cause and even exacerbate GERD symptoms. If you’re looking for a way to reduce acid reflux symptoms and heartburn episodes, going gluten-free is a great idea. You may find that the diet fits your taste buds as well, and the change in diet should help decrease symptoms of fatigue.

Heartburn Can Be Beaten

With these eight tips, you’ll have the knowledge you need to successfully fight off heartburn episodes, and get your symptoms down into a manageable state. The more care-free, pain-free life you experienced before heartburn can be in your grasp. Even if you are not yet experiencing frequent heartburn, it’s crucial that you follow these steps to prevent falling into this debilitating state of health.

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