Do Men Really Wear Pajamas to Bed?

An interesting article was published towards the end of 2022. Men worldwide were choosing stylish sleepwear for even a cocktail party. A longstanding fashion taboo was no longer considered slovenly in the world of menswear.

Such a bold move was perhaps the result of the pandemic, which naturally blurred the lines between house clothes and other attire. While elevated pajama sets may be the outfit of choice for public places, plenty of men still hesitate to wear pajamas to bed.

Does that sound a bit odd? A study found that 17% of Americans go to bed ‘unclothed,’ while a majority of them (52%) prefer to be partially clothed. Maybe most of them sleep alone and have never had to share their bed.

Whatever the reason, it does beg the question if men’s pajamas (to bed) are a thing of the past. In this article, we will discuss why that is not the case. Also, we will discover three classic ways to look put together for a good night’s sleep.

Reasons Why Pajamas Are Having a Menswear Moment

Let’s view the world of men’s pajamas from the lens of those who prefer to wear them to bed every night. Listed below are the main reasons why sleepwear for some is not just a pair of boxers or their ‘birthday suit.’


Being comfortable during sleep is of utmost importance. A recent study found that a majority of those under 50 complain of getting less sleep than they need regularly. This means many Americans struggle to stay in Slumberland for seven to eight hours each night.

While stress is a prime contributor, so is a lack of comfort. It might appear that sleeping with no clothes on would be comfortable, but it usually does nothing for temperature regulation. This is why comfortable men’s pajamas for every season are available.

Different fabrics can be suitable for different seasons – cotton or silk for summer and flannel or wool for winter. Then, there is the benefit of psychological comfort. Slipping into pajamas could be a powerful signal to your body that it’s time to sleep. These make it easier to stay well-rested throughout the week.

Better Hygiene

Let’s say out front that sleeping unclothed every night may not be the most hygienic choice. This is because the body gathers a significant amount of dirt and sweat throughout the day. If you shower before bed, this may not be so much of a problem.

In any case, it’s best to not let your body have direct contact with the bedding every night. According to LazyOne, good pajamas are fun, comfortable, and relaxing. For instance – 100% combed cotton jammies will help you stay hygienic even on the most torrid days.

Remote Workwear

We currently live in the digital age where more and more folks are proudly working from home. Around 22 million adults across the US still work remotely from the comfort of their homes. Now, if you also fall under these numbers, we’re sure you do not wish to disregard your appearance completely.

Even so, you want something that seamlessly blends with your relaxing home environment. What better way to create harmony between both desires than with some tartan pajamas? You can even choose luxurious silk or classic cotton shirt-style sleepwear.

Great for Emergencies

Unforeseen events do not come with a warning. Would you not want to have a sense of preparedness at any given time? For instance – your fire alarm could go off in the middle of the night or you may encounter a medical emergency for any family member.

During such events, good-quality pajamas will render the ability to respond immediately. Certain pajama styles are sophisticated enough to survive any emergency. Nobody wants to run through their wardrobe at the time of sudden home evacuation.

Plus, if someone knocks at your door in the early hours of the day, you can respond stress-free even if you haven’t showered yet.

Aesthetic Consistency

Living life however and presenting oneself recklessly are all behaviors associated with teenagers. Almost every man aspires to come across as well-dressed under all circumstances. This does not mean that pajamas are the primary way for a man to define himself.

However, if he looks put together for other occasions, there’s no reason to break the aesthetic consistency. Different pajama fabrics and styles make this possible. For instance – A simple T-shirt and some cotton jammies can work for an everyday look.

In case one has guests over or is a guest in someone else’s house, silk pajamas or a robe over the classic pajamas will work wonders.

Ways to Don Pajamas

So we have extensively discussed why a pair of pajamas is worth investing in. That does not mean that every pair must look the same. To better illustrate this point, we have compiled three different iterations.

The Dude Look

This is perhaps the most common transition from day to night (also the easiest). All you need is a pair of cotton or linen pajama pants and a breathable undershirt. Keep in mind that this look does not help you win any fashion awards but it surely will be cool and stylish enough to avoid embarrassment.

The Dad Ensemble

This look can be considered an elevated version of the previous one. In other words, you need to maintain the dude look with a breathable undershirt and pajama bottoms. Additionally, just throw over a night robe on, mainly after you wake up.

The tad extra intentionality creates visual power and makes you more presentable before your family. This setup is even suitable for grabbing the mail in the morning.

The Dignitary Getup

It’s wise to own a pair or two of pajama sets as a whole. While you need not wear the top and bottom together always, there are benefits to doing so under the right circumstances. Such an ensemble is the best for times when you have company. Think about occasional trips with family and friends with shared mornings in sophisticated PJs.

The worldwide market for men’s sleepwear stands at $5.89 billion in 2024. It is growing at a CAGR of 9.03%, which means more and more folks will choose to invest in pajamas in the future.

What are your thoughts on it? Still sitting on the fence? Purchase some top-quality men’s sleepwear and see the difference for yourself. Don’t forget to use the style guide provided in this article!

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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