India is one of the leading countries in the world as far as liquor consumption is concerned. Even though India is a nation of diverse ethnicities, it seems that everyone enjoys alcohol equally. Any celebration, festival, or party in India is incomplete without alcohol, making it as the heart of the celebration. Following is a list of some of the best alcohol brands in India along with a comprehensive comparison between them.

  1. Rockdove Whiskey

Rockdove is a premium whiskey brand launched by a relatively new Indian distillery – Hermes. Offering exquisite flavours, it has a sophisticated and an unforgettable taste. Mainly for the success-oriented new generation, this whiskey is endorsed by discerning professionals for its colour, aroma as well as flavour. Considering its exquisite taste, Rockdove is already disrupting its competitor brands and is on its way to becoming one of the best whiskey brands in India.

Aroma – Satisfying, smooth and matured scotch aroma

Taste – Light bodied whiskey resembling the taste of fine scotch

Mouthfeel – Smooth, with a touch of smokey taste

After Taste – Satisfying

  1. Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whiskey

Described by many whiskey lovers as ‘smooth and smokey’, this whiskey brand can be found in every alcohol lover’s collection. Apart from offering the smoothness of fine scotch, this whiskey is also friendly on the pocket – making it as one of the bestselling whiskeys in India.

Aroma – Leafy (like cut grass), woody fruity (tropical fruit) with a hint of peat

Taste – Full-bodied, mellow, slightly sweet (buttery)

Mouthfeel – Aromatic

After Taste – Pleasant

  1. Royal Stag Deluxe Whiskey

This whiskey is well-known for its authentic and exclusive taste. Royal Stag’s production process is an exceptional preparation which is done by combining different liquids. Its unique production process is the primary reason for its success. Not only in India, but this alcohol has acclaimed its presence all over the globe.

Aroma – Woody fruity (tropical fruit), leafy (cut grass) with a touch of smoke (burnt wood)

Taste – Medium bodied and rounded

Mouthfeel – Smooth with a bit of smoke

After Taste – Pleasant

  1. Imperial Blue

It was launched in India by Seagram in the year 1997. This whiskey is popular and is known for its high quality. Imperial Blue whiskey can be termed as one of the best whiskey brands of India. This brand has its bottling plant located in Kolhapur city in Maharashtra. Other than Imperial Blue, Seagram is also famous for producing amazing scotch malts.

Aroma – Slight leafy (like cut grass), woody fruity (tropical fruit) with a touch of peaty character (wood smoke)

Taste – Light bodied and rounded

Mouthfeel – Smooth with a hint of smoke

After Taste – Pleasant

  1. Bagpiper

Owing to the use of malt spirits matured explicitly in pre-identified American oak casks; Bagpiper has a light malty aroma and a touch of a smooth woody character.

One of the oldest ones around, this whiskey has a fascinating distillation process which eliminates the molasses and produces a wood-like aroma. This spirit by United Breweries group has honoured India several times by not only becoming one of the best in class liquor in India but also giving great competition to all imported labels. Furthermore, Bagpiper is the first whiskey brand in the country which started selling whiskey in tetra packs.

Aroma – Light malty aroma

Taste – Light-bodied

Mouthfeel – Smooth woody

After Taste – Pleasant

Understanding the flavour, aroma, and the feel of an alcoholic beverage is a science in itself. Not every whiskey connoisseur has the nose for the right aroma or the right buds for the perfect blend of flavour. If you are a whiskey enthusiast, then you should definitely have the whiskies mentioned above in your collection.

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