I’m in absolute love with the Under Armour boxing shirts! I just bought two new ones, check them out below.  They are quickly taking over all of the real estate in my closet.

They are by far the most comfortable shirts money can buy, which is why it’s my favorite apparel brand.

Today I bought the Canelo Alvarez shirt and yet (another) Muhammed Ali Under Armour shirt.  I’m a huge fan of Ali, and I saw Canelo fight Floyd Mayweather in person at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, (which reminds me, if you missed my Vegas bachelor party advice piece, read it here) a fight which was one that everyone thought Mayweather had a chance to lose.  He won in grand fashion, and literally had Canelo tired and throwing missing haymakers at the end of the fight.  You could see the fatigue in Alvarez, which really showed how quick and in shape Floyd Mayweather is, and was at the time of the fight.  Love him or hate him, the guy can flat out fight. I wear a lot of his “Money Team” gear, which I’ll review later on on my website.

Here’s my last purchase.  I’m absolutely thrilled to keep buying Under Armour stuff and will keep updating you every time I get new stuff.  As always, visit my review page and pick up a coupon and save yourself on shipping when you buy through that link.

UA boxing Shirts

My latest UA boxing shirt purchases.

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