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Commercials will have you believe that you have to get your wife some truly extravagant gifts for the Christmas holidays to prove your love.They tell you that you should get her a pair of diamond earrings, a luxury bottle of perfume or even a brand-new car topped with a bright red ribbon. This small list of gifts will cost you thousands of dollars.

Don’t listen to these commercials. You shouldn’t be putting your finances into complete disarray this Christmas. You can still make her smile when she unwraps her presents while staying within the boundaries of your budget.

What budget-friendly gifts could you get her?

Custom Art

Commission an artist to make a work of art that will make your wife’s heart melt. Pick a special photo of the two of you, your whole family or even just your precious pet! You can do this through online marketplaces like Etsy and Uncommon Goods. Or you can find your favorite artists on Instagram and request a commission there.

Star Map

Is your wife interested in astrology? Then, you should get her a personalized star map as a gift. This will show her a view of the night sky the exact time and location that she was born. You might need to contact her parents to confirm those specific details.

Drink Subscription

Does your wife love sitting back and unwinding with a good cup of tea? Then, get her a monthly tea box subscription as a gift. What if she prefers a cup of Joe? Then, get her a coffee box subscription! Just make sure to pair this gift with a brand-new mug that she can sip from.

Perfume Gift Set

You should never buy your wife a large bottle of new perfume. You can’t be sure that she’ll love it and want to wear it everyday. Spending several hundred dollars on a luxury bottle could be a total waste of money if it’s not her absolute favorite. It could sit on the shelf until the fragrance expires.

Instead, give her a small selection of travel-sized perfumes that she can test out. This gift will give her a variety of different fragrances to choose from. If she ends up loving one, you can buy her a bigger bottle of the fragrance later on! You can make her happy and make shopping easier for yourself in the future!

Staying on Budget While Gift-Shopping

Whatever you do, try not to overspend on your wife’s gift. Sure, she might be impressed when she opens her expensive gift, but that happy feeling will disappear when she sees the after-effects of the purchase.

She won’t be happy if the purchase leads you to put your checking account into overdraft or to rack up a ridiculous balance on your credit card that you can’t pay down. She won’t be happy if you’re going to have to pay your bills late. And she won’t be happy if you get hit with a sudden emergency expense, and you have no savings sitting in your bank account to cover it right away.

If you ever find yourself in this stressful position, don’t panic. You might be able to qualify for an online loan so that you can pay off an emergency expense without savings. With an approved loan, you could use borrowed funds to handle the problem and move forward with a repayment plan afterward. If you’re worried about the legitimacy of the loan, read what to look out for ahead of time. This could help you figure out where to submit an application.

Online loans should only be used for emergencies, not for personal shopping. Do not borrow funds to get your wife more expensive gifts.

You can make your wife beam on Christmas day without having to put a strain on your finances. Get her budget-friendly gifts!

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