home beer brewing websites to check outCraft beer has been growing like wildfire for years now here in the good old USA. Along with that, the popularity of brewing your own beer has also increased. There are now over 1.2 million people making their own beer at home. That means a lot of people want and need information relating to home brewing. With that in mind, here are some of the best sites to consult for at home brewers from Things That Men Buy.

My Choices for Best Home Brewing Websites


The Mad Fermentationist (https://www.themadfermentationist.com) is an informative home brewing beer blog started by Michael Tonsmeire. He got into brewing about 10 years ago and went all in. He’s name of a home brewing sitewritten a book called “American Sours” which has become a good reference source for beer brewers at all levels. His blog is filled with recipes, advice, reviews and more. The guy even has a partner and they are working on getting a craft brewery going in Maryland.


Another beer brewing website worthy of your time and effort is http://brulosophy.com. The Brülosophy website is connected with the American Home Brewers Association. They cover brewing methodology, have recipes, have a number of enthusiastic contributors, and a podcast too. A guy outta Fresno, CA named Marshall Schott started the site in 2014 as a place where he could talk about and share the results of his home brewing experiments. This website has a great section on a variety of methods related to do it yourself brewing such as yeast harvesting, mash methods and more.

You Want It? They Got It.

Home Brew Talk (https://www.homebrewtalk.com//) is a place with all kinds of great and maybe some a little off the wall articles. There’s a pretty active forum on this site covering just about anything you can imagine. Gluten-free brewing? Got it. Electric brewing? Yep. Hops growing? Of course. I like the section where different brewing rigs are shown and talked about. Look out for the section titled “Brewing Software” as it just links to another website. Besides that, Home Brew Talk is certainly a great online home brew resource.

How About a Beer Brewing Association?

The Home Brewers Association website at https://www.homebrewersassociation.org has to be my favorite of all the ones I’ve listed. It is really comprehensive. They have interviews with industry veterans, reviews of all types, a listing along with information about beer brewing competitions, event notices and information, recipes and more. They offer a ton of stuff and the site is well laid out. Hell, after checking out all the cool shit on their website you may end up joining their association. No, I’m not plugging memberships. It is just that cool. Be sure to check out the “magazine” title link.

Beer Recipes and More Beer Recipes

Finally, there’s https://beerrecipes.org. Beer Recipes is one of the best home brewing websites ifdifferent beer recipes you’re looking for recipes and tutorials. They also have some beer style guides there which are really helpful. This site is a real “nuts and bolts” type of website filled with solid and interesting information that the home brewer can put to good use.

So there you go. This has been my take on the best sites to consult for at home brewers. Check them out, surf awhile, gain and/or expand your home beer brewing knowledge. If you haven’t already, then start brewing some damn beer. It’s fun. Plus, how many hobbies are there that can get you ripped in the comfortable confines of your very own home.

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John “Big John” Johnson is a serial fun seeker, a lover of craft beer, and enjoys all things adult beverage related. A dedicated online marketer and SEO, he has been described as “Peter Pan with German Work Ethic”. John is also a sleight of hand magician with serious chops, enjoys riding Harleys, practicing martial arts and travel.

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