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Dogs are carnivorous by nature, and they eat fruits and vegetables when meat sources are scarce. But as an occasional snack or part of a meal for your pet, certain fruits or vegetables can be a healthy low-calorie option. Your pup can enjoy them as long as they are fresh or processed into yummy treats.

Cantaloupe is one of the most dog-friendly fruits (or veggies?). If you’re in doubt, check this link. Dogs love this melon, whether it’s baked, steamed, canned, or fresh. That’s why many people use it to make home-made treats their pups can enjoy anytime.

Cantaloupe Benefits

Melons are known for their high content of vitamin C, and cantaloupe abounds in this nutrient. Plus, it has healthy fibers, vitamin A and many antioxidants. Beta carotene provides better eyesight for your furry buddy and reduces the risk of tumors and prevents damaged cells.

It’s useful in order to ease diarrhea, start the work of the intestines in constipation, and prevent heart problems. All melons, along with cantaloupe, have high amounts of essential minerals like fiber, niacin, and potassium.

When choosing cantaloupe for your pet, make sure that it’s not highly processed. That way, it keeps all the essential nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy. Whenever you can, buy fresh and organic products at grocery stores, markets, or free-range farms.

Dogs can eat cantaloupe safely as long as it’s in moderation. It’s advised that you give your pet a small amount every day. Some studies showed that some dogs could develop renal failure if they take too much cantaloupe. Some pups might have a high susceptibility to developing kidney stones if they eat too much melon.

Fresh or Canned?

You should know that raw or semi-raw cantaloupe is safe for your dog, of course, in prescribed amounts. But if you are planning to give them canned or freeze-dried melon, then be wary of the content of store-bought products. Some of them promise to be pup-friendly but have much artificial stuff and things that could be potentially dangerous.

Most dog foods today contain chemicals such as dyes, preservatives, and fillers, which can be harmful to animals, and especially to puppies under the age of one year. If you want to feed your pet a healthy and varied diet, try to make some healthy meals or snacks with a cantaloupe.

Fresh Pieces

Although melons have many uses, one of them is a great treat. Dogs love to eat anything that tastes good. Cantaloupe is their thing, and they will enjoy those few bites of fresh, juicy fruit. So, make sure you give them an occasional treat just for that purpose.

But before feeding them cantaloupe, be sure to remove any leaves or stems from the fruit. Leaves and stems may contain parasites, which is not suitable for your dog’s health. Seeds can disturb your pup’s stomach. Also, the peel can cause gastrointestinal upset and affect their digestive tract. These heavy, fibrous skins are too dangerous for choking.

Steamed Bites

You might wonder, ‘is cantaloupe great?‘ when processed. A delicious and nutritious treat is made when you steam it. Be sure to use the steamer that has been specially designed for fruits and vegetables. Using an ordinary food processor will probably make the fruit too harsh, and the delicate vitamin C won’t be adequately absorbed.

Instead, allow the fruit to cook in its own juice for a few minutes, turning the pieces frequently. You can sprinkle them with some salt or wrap them in bacon for extra meaty flavor. You will find this treat very tasty and quite nutritious.

Summer Treat

Summer Treat

Do you like to eat ice cream when the dog days of summer are out?  If you keep in mind that your pet’s body reacts to high temperatures the same way, it means that they would also like a cold treat like ice cream or a popsicle.

The simplest and fastest recipe for delicious ice cream for your pup is a combination of melon and full-fat yogurt. Peel a cantaloupe, remove seeds, and cut it into small pieces. Freeze them overnight. Put them in a blender until you get a puree.

Put two spoons of yogurt in it and give it a couple of extra blends. For the lactose-free version, add peanut butter instead of yogurt. Cool the finished mass a little and serve over kibbles or pour into silicone molds to get frozen bites.

Bacon Cantaloupe Biscuits

Bake two slices of bacon until crispy and cut into small pieces. Mix them with a cup of cantaloupe puree (it is best to make it from fresh fruit), some mint leaves, and a cup of white rice flour. Leave the mixture in the fridge for half an hour to make it easier to shape.

Place half a teaspoon of the dough on a wax paper tray. This amount makes about 20ak treats. Bake them for about 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 350F. Leave the baked biscuits to cool, and store in a sealed container for a few days (but they probably won’t last that long).

On the following link, read about how often you should treat your furry buddy:

Dogs have the same needs as humans. It’s good to know the right nutrient requirements for your pet so that you can provide them the best quality food. Like humans, dogs require a healthy diet consisting of proteins, carbs, and vitamins. Cantaloupe has it all, and your pet can obtain many health benefits from the occasional treat.

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