While we weren’t lucky enough to travel to CES 2017 in Las Vegas, it sure looks like there was plenty of cool new stuff to gawk at this year. We’ve scoured the web for all the write-ups on what was the best new gadgets to come out of the convention this year and compiled them into a list for our readers below.

Did you go to CES 2017 and find some cool stuff that we missed? Be sure to comment below with our omissions. We’ll follow up on some of these products with features on ThingsMenBuy.com very soon once we can get our hands on these hot items.

Top Gadgets at CES 2017

milo breathalyrzer

Milo Sensors

You may have seen someone at the bar sometimes with a pocket breathalyzer. If you ask me, these things are a bit dangerous as I’ve seen it turn into a contest to see who can blow the highest blood alcohol level. Not a good game to play.

But on the other hand, it’s a handy gadget to have so you know when you are OK to drive home or not. It’s never a good idea to risk your life and those of others on the road, and we’ve all experienced those times when you think might be right on the brink and have to make a choice after having some adult beverages.

It looks pretty silly to pull out a breathalyzer and blow into it, so Milo Sensors took that aspect out of it with their wearable device that reads your blood alcohol level. You wear it on your wrist like a watch and it determines your level based on the perspiration that comes from your skin. Great idea!

fitness tracking ring by motiv

Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring

With another device in the wearable technology category, above you see the Fitness Tracking Ring by Motiv. It’s great having those apps on your phone, or a smartwatch, that keep track of your steps throughout the day and other activity. But you may not always want to have your phone with you, and not everyone likes to wear a wristband.

Motiv downsized the wearable fitness technology by condensing it into a ring for your finger. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me. Not only does it keep track of your steps and distance and calories while you’re on your Bowflex Treadclimber, but it also monitors your sleep patterns and includes an optical heart rate sensor.

On one charge you can get three to five days of life out of it. I don’t know how they manage to fit so much technology into something so small, but this is a pretty cool invention.

project valerie concept computer from razer

Razer Project Valerie

Everyone dreams of having that awesome home office setup with multiple screens side by side for maximizing all the work (and it’s a great gaming laptop too, of course) to be done. But it’s not within everyone’s means to have three computers on the desk, so Razer came out with the next best thing.

Above you’ll see the Project Valerie concept computer from Razer, which has two additional screens that fold out from the sides to give you essentially three screens. Each screen is 17 inches and has a 4K resolution display. You can use them all independently or as one big screen.

The drawback, this sucker weighs a whopping 12 pounds so it’s much heavier than your normal laptop, but that can be expected with all the extra hardware it packs.

aquatic drone PowerRay

PowerRay Aquatic Drone

Drones were all the rage these last couple years and now they’re going from the air to the sea, or whatever body of water you’re nearby. This looks like an absolute dream if you’re a fisherman and I wish I had one already to bring with me when heading to our cabin in the Upper Midwest.

It works in both fresh and salt water and has a 4K camera that sends high res images to the user/operator. It has an optional FishFinder so with all that put together, there’s no reason you won’t be able to find a hot spot when out fishing.

w series tv from lg

LG W-Series TV

It seems like every year that televisions get bigger, higher res, and thinner. This new TV from LG is so thin that it’s made to naturally blend into your room as if it were wallpaper. Yes, it’s that thin.

This 77-inch screen comes in at only a minuscule 27 pounds! For reference, a similar sized tv from Sony or Samsung weighs about 80 pounds.

How do they do it? The guts of the system are separate from the screen itself, kind of like an external hardware in a Dolby Atmos sound bar that also has I/O ports for all your connectivity needs.

Wrapping Up CES 2017

This is just barely scratching the surface of all the cool tech stuff that came out in 2017 at CES, but are the first ones to catch our eye when browsing all the new releases. What’s your favorite of the above-mentioned products? Anything in there you must have right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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