best action hero   OMG! Where to start with our article today, Who Is The Best Action Hero of All Time? Is that a Marvel or DC Comic Action Hero? A non-comic based Action Hero? 

The possibilities are endless and guys, as I’m writing this article, my personal bias is gonna have to be real evident here!

I LOVE a good action movie with a bonafide action hero in it, but there are SO many good ones to choose from and picking the Best Action Hero – come on, that’s impossible!

Indy is obviously a favorite, as are all The Avengers (especially Iron Man) and not forgetting some of the X-Men or possibly even Aragorn from Lord of the Rings?

I honestly don’t know where to start! Maybe YouTube can help:

Who Are The Best New Action Heroes?


Ok, well that’s a good start, especially Daniel Craig (not Creg!) who is our current 007 and Chris Pratt who can not only guard the Galaxy but can also make friends with velociraptors! Ah yes and there’s also Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence – see we are spoilt for choice already!

Who Are The Best Movie Heroes Of All Time?

And there we have another good shout, although Harrison Ford as Han Solo being #1 is a little contentious, as for me, I can’t discount Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I mean, Indy is gripping, edge-of-the-seat entertainment that appeals to everyone, right?

Who Are The Best Marvel/DC Action Heroes?

You see, that’s another good question. I mean,

I am iron man“I am Iron Man” uttered by Robert Downey Jr OR “”Hulk Smash Puny God!” uttered by our friendly green monster in The Avengers. We can’t leave these Super Action Heroes out of our discussions, can we?

And of course within the Marvel family, there is also the Black Widow (back to Scarlett Johansson), Thor, Captain America and we can’t forget Spiderman too!


superman Our DC Comic heroes can also not be forgotten – the most famous of course being Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Phew, the list of possible Best Action Hero of All Time seems to be getting longer and longer!

I’m also guessing that even if the guys at could sit down for hours, they would never agree on that elusive #1 spot of Best Action Hero.

I am going to go for my favorite and say ….. Hmmmm!! …. Well!! …. Ok, a mixture of Indy, Iron Man & 007 with a sprinkling of the Black Widow and Lara Croft!

I think the only thing left to do is to invite you to sit down with your favorite adult beverage, a select group of your buddies and, what the hell, even a good cigar or two …. the challenge you face is to agree on:

Who Is The Best Action Hero Of All Time?

  • May the strongest action hero win
  • May the Force Be With You
  • May you drink your martini shaken and not stirred

And above all:

  • “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”



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