Summers – the most dreaded season is here already! You get long holidays in summers, but, the scorching sun conspires its best to keep you inside the four walls of your home. However, wait, what’s your plan this year? Are you letting the sun win again this year? Will you be lying around in your house with your laptop or smartphone only? If your answer is yes to both the above questions, then you are doing injustice to yourself and your family too. Just plan a trip to Delhi and enjoy the vacation this summer. Here we are giving you top 5 attractions in Delhi that can make you freeze in the summers. Search for Jaipur to Delhi flights and get ready to beat the heat and have lots of fun with your family.

Beat the Heat at These 5 Delhi Attractions

Ski India – This is Asia’s largest indoor snow park based on sci-fi. This snow ski resort provides a whole bunch of cool adventurous activities. Do you want to know the names of theactivities? Well, they offer ski riding, tubing, toboggan, bobsledding, sliding slopes, ice lounge, monorails and a penguin show too. All these activities can keep you and your family engaged and entertained the entire day. Moreover, you will undoubtedly forget that it’s the summer season until you are inside the snow park.

Gondola Ride @ The Grand Venice – Who said you need to go to Venice to experience the pleasure of Gondola ride? A mall named The Grand Venice is built in the Greater Noida replicating the feel of the city of Venice. You can visit the mall this summer and enjoy the Gondola ride in the water canal built inside the mall. What can feel much soothing than water all around in the scorching summer of June? Forget about the summers and have this unique experience of shopping in The Grand Venice mall.

iSKATE – This entertainment centresprawling across 15,00 sq. ft. is a great escape from the rising mercury level. 200 skaters take part together at this entertainment centre. The temperature is maintained at a pleasant mark. You can drink hot beverages and eat hot foods if you love that or you can also enjoy ice-creams to enjoy the coolness of the place completely. The cost per person is also meagre as compared to other entertainment centres.

Adventure Island – This amusement park is an island full of adventures. Moreover,yes, a lot of these adventures are so cool that they can beat the heat easily. The rides like water coaster, rain dance, swan boat, aqua bump and fire brigades’ ride are some of the most popular summer rides. The ticket prices are worth the fun you can have with your family on the adventure island.

Ice Bar – If you are looking for something other than places like water park and amusement park, then Ice Bar is the place for you. As the name suggests, the bar primarily focusses on Ice, making it among the coolest bars in Delhi. Focus on ice does not mean that you’ll be served lots of ice in your drinks. Thisis a one of a kind barwhere everything is made of ice. Yes, you heard it right. The walls, the decorative sculptors, the bar counter, the sofas,and chairs are all made of ice. Don’t worry the bartendersare not made of ice; they are the real persons who serve real drinks but obviously in ice glasses.

When there are so many places filled with ice and ice-cold water in Delhi, why would you like to stay inside your house? Get out of your house and have some cool fun in Delhi this summer!

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