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If you want to start vaping, you typically have to choose between two options. You either buy a refillable vape that’ll last you for several months or get a disposable vape pen every week.

As with any disposable product, a disposable vape can yield higher costs in the long run and is, therefore, less cost-effective. However, despite that, you’ll still find plenty of people who prefer disposable vapes over other options. While this preference can be chalked up to too many things, it’s mostly because there are scenarios wherein disposable vapes are particularly handy.

Put simply, the answer to your question ultimately depends on your specific scenario. So, you must first assess your situation. You can start by answering these simple questions.

Are you unsure whether vaping is for you? 

If you’re buying a vape pen for the sake of trying it out, then disposable vapes are definitely worth the money. For one, they’re affordable. Next, their lifespan, which ranges from three to five days, is just long enough to decide if vaping is for you. Think of it as trying out an item before going for the whole set. If it doesn’t work out, at least you didn’t spend much.

For your reference, disposable vapes cost around USD$5.00 to USD$20.00, whereas refillable vapes may cost USD$30.00 to USD$100.00. Keep in mind that the price may vary according to the brand. The best HQD disposable vape, for example, costs around USD$25.00.

Have you used a vape pen before? 

In addition to the price, another reason disposable vapes are worth your money if you’re a beginner is that they’re generally easier to use. If you aren’t aware, to start vaping, you typically have to do a lot of things, like configuring the coils and picking the right liquid.

With a disposable vape, you only have to take it out of the package; then, you can get right into vaping. For this reason, disposable vapes are worth the money, especially for beginners.

Disposable Vapes

Do you vape on the go or as a pastime? 

There are, at least, two ways people use vape pens. There are people who use vape pens on the go, and there are those who use vape pens as their primary pastime. If you belong to the former, disposable vapes would be the ideal option.

That’s because once the disposable vape runs out of juice after a few days, you’re free to throw it away. There’s no need to maintain or refill it or replace its parts if damaged. You just forget about it completely, as you would a cigarette. This convenience makes it ideal for people who travel regularly or don’t have the time to treat vaping as their hobby or pastime.

Put simply, it’s the stress-free option of vaping, and you’ll only ever have to worry once the vape pen runs out. Even then, the only thing you must do is go to a nearby store and buy another.

It’s also worth noting that you have the option to buy a pack of five or ten disposable vape pens at once. That will reduce the frequency at which you must get another vape pen from a store.

Do you get tired of the same flavor quickly? 

One thing to keep in mind about vape pens is that there are suitable liquid juices for each type of pen. It has something to do with Ohm, a measure of resistance in vape pens.

Ohm affects the warmth, flavor, and vapor that the vape juices generate. Each vape pen has a certain Ohm limit, and it cannot exceed that limit even if you wanted. That’s why no matter what liquid you use, you’ll often notice a similarity in the flavor that a vape pen can produce.

If you’re the type who gets tired of the same flavor, or at least the same range of flavors, a disposable vape might help. After all, if you get tired of one flavor, you can just get a new vape.

As you’re buying a completely new disposable vape pen, the flavor is bound to be considerably different. Furthermore, as vape pens are now significantly more popular than before, you have a lot of options to choose from. You cannot do this with regular vape pens as it’ll be too expensive; whereas, with disposable vapes, it’s just USD$5 to 10 apiece.

Closing thoughts  

Much like any other product, disposable vape pens are worth the money under the right circumstances. In this case, it’s worth it if you’re: (1) a beginner (2) buying a vape pen for the first time (3) vaping on the go, or the type who gets tired of the same flavor quickly. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t buy a disposable vape if you’re not any of the four.

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