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Most homes are made up of primary functional parts such as the family room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The above-listed parts are the basic rooms in a home that makes it inhabitable. However, there are other amenities that can be added to a home to make it much more fun and comfortable. A few of these extra amenities are patios and swimming pools.

Patios and swimming pools add to the overall appeal and aesthetics of a home.They are also great places to hangout in the open with friends and family. Patios especially, are designed to be great relaxation and entertainment spaces. They have comfortable furniture, and their layout is usually decorated with beautiful plants that easily make them one of the most beautiful parts of a home.

The type of furniture that is placed in a patio or outdoor space is incredibly important to the functionality of these spaces. Built for entertainment and recreation, the furniture and every other component of this space must reflect its primary functions.

Since patios are usually open and detached from the structure of the main home, the type of furniture used in these areas typically differs from those used within enclosed and covered areas such as the family room. Therefore, it is important to choose only those that are made from high-quality outdoor materials that can withstand the effects of the elements.

There are different materials used in constructing outdoor furniture and in this article, we’ll walk you through some of them so that you can better decide which one suits your needs. When looking for the best place to buy patio furniture, you can ask friends and family, or search online. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a store that will suit your needs and budget.

Patio furniture is primarily made from the following materials:

  • Metals like steel, aluminum, and wrought iron
  • Woods like teak, cedar, and eucalyptus
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Synthetics like plastic, synthetic resin wicker, and ABS.


Wrought iron was a commonly used material in the past but due to several reasons, it is not so much in use today. Wrought iron is heavy, quick to rust, and has high maintenance requirements. These days, aluminum and steel are the most common metals used in making patio furniture.


Aluminum’s popularity in outdoor furniture may be because of its versatility as it can be cast or extruded into any shape. This makes it possible to make furniture of really complex designs that add to the aesthetics of patio spaces. But its versatility isn’t its only appeal.

Aluminum is lightweight but durable. It is an incredibly low-maintenance metal that does not rust like steel or iron. It is also resistant to outdoor challenges like salty air and moisture. Unlike wood, it doesn’t crack even when exposed to the harsh summer sun. The only drawback with this material is that it isn’t suitable for homes around the coast that are prone to high winds.


Steel is a heavy material, much like wrought iron. This makes it a perfect fit for areas that are prone to high winds as it won’t be easily moved around. This may also be considered a disadvantage as steel furniture won’t be the best option if you plan to move your patio furniture around frequently.

In its defense, however, like aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel can withstand the elements. But take note, normal steel will rust easily when exposed to the outdoors. If you’ll be going for this option, you’d want to make sure what you’re buying is galvanized or stainless steel. Click here to learn more about galvanized steel.

wood furniture


When it comes to outdoor wood furniture, teak is the most popular option for several reasons. Teak naturally has superior all-weather capabilities that make it a favorite for patios. It is known to have natural resin and high oil content that makes it impermeable to water and resistant to insect attacks. Because of its high oil content, teak is less likely to rot, making it a great material for outdoor use.

The only disadvantage of using teak is that its beautiful honey-brown color tends to fade into a patina grey when left untreated. However, it is worth mentioning that this change in no way affects its strength and durability. You can protect the original color by applying a teal sealant. This can last up to a year before it becomes necessary for it to be reapplied.

Synthetic Fabrics

These fabrics are made from synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester, vinyl, and so on. They are water-resistant, breathable, and resistant to fading caused by harsh UV rays. That said, how much of a waterproof option synthetic fabrics are, depends on their fill material, except it is used alone as a sling.

A quick-dry or dry-fast foam is a perfect example of a great fill material. It has been specifically designed for outdoor use. Unlike normal foam, a quick-dry foam drains water much faster and speeds up water elimination. It is also mildew resistant and protects against mold growth. That said, during winter, it is advised that upholstered furniture be protected or stored away. Visit learn more about quick-dry foam.

Final Thoughts

Before making a choice of material to use, consider factors like your weather, how much time you intend to spend outdoors, and comfort, which is incredibly important. Also, pricing is another important thing to think about as the prices of patio furniture vary significantly by the build quality and material.

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