Are you are a novice when it comes to fishing activities? Do you want to do fishing as a sport or even for leisure? You will then need to have the best possible fishing rod equipment. Here, we are going to talk about the key things that you must consider when you are on the lookout to buy the best fishing rods.

  • The place where you will be fishing
  • The breed and type of fish that you are after
  • The kind of bait that you will be using

Here, we will briefly discuss a few different fishing rods and the art of selecting the rods. Melton International Tackle is the key name in this industry and they have been working for more than four decades. They specialize in different varieties of fishing rods. You can buy Phenix rods here and also check out the different varieties of rods present on their website.

  1. Spinning rods

These rods are a very popular option and are versatile, lightweight, and flexible. Usually, the length spans between 4’ and 9’ long. There are spinning reels attached to the underside of the handle and the entire line guides face down.

  1. Casting rods

Casting rods are usually divided into 2 subcategories:

  • Baitcasting models
  • Spin-cast models

There isn’t a lot of difference between these two variants. The basic difference is the type of fishing reel that is integrated into them.

  1. Fly fishing rods

These rods are too flexible, lightweight, and adjustable, and make them ideal for fly fishing line casting with lightweight lures. You can use fly rods in any kind of water body, also including the ocean.

  1. Surfcasting rods

Surf rods offer plenty of different choices for fishing; ranging from small boats, shore, or larger ships. They are also available in different thicknesses and sizes. You can catch massive fishes that are mostly found in the ocean.

  1. Boat rods

These rods are particularly designed for deep-sea fishing. Generally, they are short, and so you merely need to lower the weight and hook over the boat side and need not cast to it.

  1. Trolling rods

These rods are heavy-duty and durable and are made keeping the boats in mind. They are usually mounted in a certain holder at the boat’s back, which will move slowly through all the water, and thereby attract the fishes in the area.

  1. Ice fishing rods

These ice fishing rods may look the same as spinning rods, but they mostly are shorter. You can use them with spinning reels, and also you can use a certain inline reel model specifically designed for this.

  1. Ultra-light Rods

The ultra-light rods are lighter built, shorter in length, and lighter lines. Normally, they will be used for angling smaller fishes like bass, trout, and different kinds of panfish.

  1. Telescopic fishing rod

Telescopic fishing rods will be especially helpful for surf angling, which needs special long rods that should be a maximum of up to fourteen feet long. While choosing any telescopic rod, you must take care that the joints are spotless.

Since fishing is also a type of game, it is important to choose your best possible equipment.

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