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One of the best ways to level up and freshen the look of your home is to upgrade your garden! As the saying goes, “First impressions last.” Your garden can make either a good or a wrong lasting impression on people who see your home for the very first time. Before anyone ever gets to see the inside of your home, they see the façade and the garden first. Hence, it is essential to create a positive and beautiful first impression.

It is a common misconception that garden upgrades have to be big and expensive. No, there are many ways for you to DIY or save on costs. Here are some simple and cheap upgrades that you can do for your garden:

  1. Upgrade your garden shed.

Most homeowners think that it’s necessary to have a shed so that they can turn it into a storage space. However, it is often the case that the shed is piled up with things that you no longer use, as your proper storage space is usually in your garage. Home experts suggest that you declutter your shed and turn it into something more useful.

Have you considered adding a gaga ball pit to your backyard? They’re becoming increasingly popular for good reason: they’re a great way to add some extra fun and excitement, and they’re also a great way to get some exercise. The pit can be easily assembled by attaching each panel to another; no need for tools or carpentry skills.

You can turn your shed into any of the following:

  1. Summer house
  2. Playhouse, if you have kids
  3. Guesthouse or guest room
  4. Family room or receiving area

For more ideas on garden sheds, you can check out EasyShed Garden Sheds for some inspiration.

  1. Create a mini vegetable garden.

mini garden

If you have extra space to spare in the garden, one of the easiest ways for you to make an upgrade is to allocate that space for a little vegetable garden. Aside from its aesthetic value, having a vegetable garden is also one way of ensuring your family’s health by adding fresh and organic vegetables or herbs to your diet sans all the unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals.

Starting a vegetable garden is not as daunting as it sounds. You can start small by using small pots or plant beds.

  1. Clean up, throw away, and donate!

Backyards have the tendency to be a pile-up of many unused items that you decide to keep for future use but you’ve never gotten to actually use them. Over the years, you can be hoarding useless things. All this clutter immediately dampens the total look of your garden or yard. If you can do one great thing for your garden today that does not need so much money, that would be to declutter.

If you want things fast and easy, you can also seek the help of rubbish removal services such as 1300 Rubbish Removal to get rid of your existing pile of unused items in your shed.

  1. Upgrade or reupholster your outdoor furniture.

If you’ve had your outdoor furniture for many years now, and it is getting as old as your grandma, maybe it’s about time for you to make an upgrade. Now, you may be thinking that outdoor furniture is expensive. Yes, it can be. However, the options for you to buy cheaper ones are also available. You can scout the following areas:

  1. Nearby garage sales
  2. Thrift shops or second-hand stores
  3. HomeGoods, Home Depot, Ikea, and other furniture shops that offer affordable items or hold sales

If your furniture is relatively new but there needs to be some repair done, then now is the time for you to do it. You can upgrade your outdoor furniture in many ways such as:

  1. Reupholster any damaged or outdated areas.
  2. Update your pillowcases, cushions, and throws.
  1. Check your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting provides more than just the safety aspect at night; it also adds aesthetic value to your garden. You don’t have to go all-out in buying various outdoor lighting. You can start with one area and move to the next area at another time. Home experts suggest the following:

  1. Hang rattan ball lights or solar tree lights all around your trees to give your garden a cozy feel.
  2. Go for yellow lights as it tends to provide a very relaxing ambiance.
  3. Light your path up with little solar lights.
  1. Plant a tree or shrub.

If your garden has remained to be bare and you have the space for it, you can plant a tree or little shrubs. Although you will have to wait a couple of years for you to enjoy the shade from your tree or the fruits that it will bear, it would be nice for your kids to see a tree grow along with them!

A bonus tip would be to install a tree house if you already have an existing tree that is fit for it!

  1. Paint your fence.

The fence is one of the most neglected areas in the garden. You may haven’t noticed it, but maybe your fence is in dire need of a little TLC, such as a brand new paint color. If you’re more on the bold side, paint your fence a different color so that it becomes more apparent that you’ve done something new to upgrade the look of your garden.

This is optional, but if you have a wooden fence, there’s a better way to give it that upgraded look before you paint it over. Take it up the notch by ensuring your pickets all look even and unblemished. Use deck and fastener plugs to hide nails and screws. While they’re intended for deck boards, they also work for fences. As they essentially enclose nails and screws, deck plugs also help keep fence boards tightly fastened to the backer rails.


All these upgrades are simple, fun, and easy to do. They will not burn a hole in your pocket, nor will it also take away so much of your time. Albeit easy and straightforward, these are also high-quality upgrades that will give your garden a fresh new look. Your house is your haven; be sure to make it feel as homey and relaxing as you can by starting with your garden.

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