Staying warm this winter doesn’t have to be a challenge! Although cold weather may make you want to relocate to Arizona or Florida, you can stay warm anywhere you live by following these simple tips.

Warm Clothing

Finding clothes for winter to keep you safe and warm is easy with the variety of high-quality thermal clothing available. It’s actually easier to change your body temperature than the temperature of a room. Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing slippers and a hat, although those nights with sub-zero weather often require long underwear. Simply adding another layer does the trick as well.

Heating and Ventilation Systems

Checking your heating and cooling systems is a preventive practice that will ensure your home stays warm. Heating and cooling systems do wear down over time, and it’s possible that an HVAC system or filter will become dirty and inefficient. Some basic tips to keep your home warm include getting the HVAC system regularly checked for maintenance and installing a programmable thermostat. Checking the filters also helps to keep the air clean and keep you and your family healthy. Keeping temperatures consistent throughout the season can keep costs down, as well.


Over time, every home’s insulation can break down. Checking windows, door entries, and cracks in the wall are great measures to take when evaluating your home’s overall ability to keep the warm air in and cool air out. Check your attic, the Department of Energy recommends having at least 12 inches of insulation in this area.

Air Circulation

It may seem counterproductive, but turning your ceiling fan on can also help to keep your home warm since hot air rises. Just keep the ceiling fan at a low setting to circulate the warm air from your heating system. Many fans have a switch that reverses the setting, so the fan blades turn the opposite direction, which is more effective in the winter.

Warm Food and No Alcohol

Warm Food and No Alcohol

Although alcohol is often considered a way to stay warm, it actually draws blood away from your important internal organs and doesn’t truly make you warmer. Instead, alcohol simply expands your blood vessels, making it seem that you’re warmer, when in fact, your body is working harder to maintain its internal heat. Instead of making a hot toddy or warm liquor drink, consider hot cocoa or some wonderful warm green tea with honey. Don’t forget that warm food can be a great solution. Making spicy chili, warm soup, or cooking something tasty in the oven will warm not only your body temperature but also your home.

Between choosing warm clothing, avoiding alcohol, maintaining your HVAC system, and keeping your home insulated and updated, you can be a toasty and warm household. Always check your HVAC system, load up with socks, hats and warm blankets. Drink tea instead of alcohol this winter. Other effective small things that you can do are to get an electric blanket, use a hot water bottle, or cuddle up with a partner or puppy. With good habits like these, your heating bill doesn’t have to go way up when the temperatures go down.

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