When you’re aching to spend a little cash on the next objet d’art but stuck for inspiration you need a place to turn. Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t understand why you need to surround yourself with these shiny objects, but what the heck. You don’t really understand why she needs so many shoes right?

When all you need is a nudge in the right direction just to get the juices flowing, why not turn to a small place on the ‘Interweb’ called cool banana? It’s not much at the moment but it’s growing slowly.

What you’re going to find there is a portal to a world of man stuff. It may not have everything you have ever wished for but you will definitely find some inspiration. Not only that but you’re going to find some great prices too!

From discount ticket sales for top sporting events, stage shows, and music concerts, through to gadgets and outdoor clothing, it’s all here at Cool Banana. Over the coming weeks, I want to show you a few of my favorite things, which I’ll bring to you at Thingsmenbuy.com. So standby for some funky stuff.

My first offering is something that’s been around for a while but it’s really affordable now and offers hours of fun for pennies.

For discounts on hundreds of items visit cool-banana.net

If for some reason reality just isn’t good enough for you anymore, take a look at these 3D Virtual Reality Glasses. For less than $30 you’re in for a treat:

The Andoer CST-09 3D Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Video Glasses are great to watch movies and play games. The headband supports MB-852 Mini Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 Selfie Camera Shutter, Gamepad for iPhone, Samsung and all 4.0 to 6.0″ Smart Phones. You can also charge your device while wearing the headset so no down time half way through your favorite movie scene or gameplay.

If you’re not seeing the point of these then think about all the time you waste in a Doctor’s waiting room, flicking through old boring magazines. What about Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals, and what about Pokemon’s Go app?  Ok, so maybe the Pokemon thing isn’t going to rock your world, but I bet you know a youngster in the family who’d love this, just to get crazy with finding Pokemon in their virtual world.

VR 3D Glasses

In fact, you don’t even need to spend $20 odd bucks on this because there’s always a bargain basement option. Take a look at the portable Head-Mounted DIY Google Cardboard V2.0 3D Glasses Virtual Glasses. Seriously, you can pick them up now for under 5 bucks…I kid you not. Right now you can pick these up for $4.99

For discounts on hundreds of items visit cool-banana.net

3D Glasses4 3D Glasses3 3D Glasses2 3D Glasses1 3D Glasses instructions

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I plan to reveal more of this particular berg over the coming weeks and months. Why not join me on my voyage into the land of shiny objects that keeps us men wide-eyed glad to be alive.

If you can’t wait for my next installment why not swing by cool-banana.net and take a look at what’s there to inspire you to shop like a man!

Leave me a comment letting me know what you think. What’s the site missing, what do you want to see? If you like what you see let me know I’m doing something right and share it with your friends, so nobody misses out.

Thanks for coming this far with me and I look forward to showing you more cool stuff.  Btw, these would be the perfect addition to your man cave!

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