Another holiday season is upon us, and it’s a great time for all this week. Of course we have Thanksgiving tomorrow (as of the time of this writing) and all of the great deals coming our way on Black Friday and Cyber to get all those things men buy. But if you ask me, the best day of this week is today, or rather I should say tonight. Yes, Blackout Wednesday is here!

What’s Blackout Wednesday? It’s the term for Thanksgiving Eve, the night before Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the biggest drinking days of the year. Why is that? Here’s a number of reasons why it’s such a big night at the bars and why you should partake this year.

Blackout Wednesday is the Biggest Drinking Night of the Year

drinking on thanksgiving eve

For one, nobody works the next day. Of course, there are certain industries where you have to work on holidays, but for the most part, nobody is waking up to go to the office the following morning. So what better opportunity to go out with your friends and family and have a few drinks and enjoy yourself? It’s like having a weekend night in the middle of the week and you can drink with no regrets.

Another reason why it’s such a great night to get out is because of all the familiar faces you’ll see. If you are headed home for the holidays, one of the best things is going to the local bar you used to frequent and seeing all of your old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Of course, this is a double-edged sword if you run into an old friend you’d rather not see. And if you’re staying in town for the holiday, you’re surely not the only one so call up your friends and meet up at your favorite place.

With all the commotion the following day, Thanksgiving Eve is a great night to let loose before the storm hits the next day. You know you have to get up to brine the turkey the next day and prepare whatever other dishes you’re responsible for. So put that off your mind for just a little bit and unwind at the bar. Call it the calm before the storm, but in all likelihood the night will be anything but calm.

Lastly, there is another great reason why Blackout Wednesday is the perfect night for throwing back some drinks. Of course, after a long night of drinking there is the inevitable hangover the next day. But the best part is you have a built-in hangover cure the next day with a huge meal, lots of wine and other drinks. Hair of the dog!

So with all that said, as I wrap up this post I”m going to head out to dinner with my girlfriend and then meet my brother at the cigar bar and have a few before we host the family here tomorrow. Hope you all have a great night and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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Dave Schmidt is an e-commerce entrepreneur specializing in business-to-consumer products, social media, affiliate marketing and SEO. He currently resides in Fort Lauderdale. When not working, Dave enjoys spending time with nephew and dogs, trying new beers, anything involving music, and soaking up the Florida sun in between trips home to his native Minnesota.

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