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Roofing, like any home remodeling project, requires time, money, and other resources.  It is a construction and maintenance endeavor that, when done properly, not only adds curb appeal to your home but ensures the roof lasts and protects your heads for a long time.  It is for this reason that many of us hire professionals like the crew from Mighty Dog Roofing Southwest Florida.

There are more benefits to hiring professional roofers.  In this quick read, we’ll let you explore why you should hire a roofing contractor instead of doing it yourself, so let’s read on and give it a go:

Professional Installation

Professional roofing companies don’t just hire random first-timers and send them off to fieldwork without prior training.  They make sure their working teams are oriented in company policies and housing regulations, trained and experienced in roofing procedures, updated in roofing trends, and contracted to follow company quality control standards.

Roofing contractors, thus, ensure their representatives follow defined standards based on the company’s collective experiences on roofing.  The company benchmark will make sure clients get the long-term value of their roofing service.

On the other hand, you may be able to D-I-Y your roof construction, maintenance or repair but cannot professionally guarantee how strong your roof will be in the long-term… unless you are a professional roofer working with friends of the same background.

Compare Quotes and Warranty

Construction materials quality follows brand standards.  This means the lifespan of your house roofing now depends on how well it is installed, thus the accountability is shouldered by those who made the roofing should there be any early defects within a given period of time post-service.

Following instructions from your roofing material packaging, through online learning materials, or even DIY videos does not guarantee well-made roofing for your home.  You thus have no one to turn to but yourself if you D-I-Y-ed your roof.

On the other hand, hiring a roofing contractor will let you consult multiple companies and ask for quotes.  You’ll get to compare proposed warranties, optimized roofing materials, highest service coverage 一 all for the price you find convenient.

Proper Insurance and License

Like any other construction project, roof installation and maintenance requires both know-how and quick access to local housing regulations, work insurance, and licensing.  This is to make sure that all construction processes are well-covered should there be any unforeseen incidents.

If you D-I-Y your roof and it so happens you had a bad fall in the process, for example, you’ll have to shoulder all the trouble connected with medical bills and insurance.  If you D-I-Y the roof along with friends and one of them happened to break a finger in the process (you can never tell, but it can happen!), you’ll be liable for their hospital expenses.

Simply put, getting a roofing contractor, particularly one with proper insurance and documentation, will give you some peace of mind knowing that the roofers are not just experts in their field, but also have backup safety and security measures from their company.

Well-versed in Local Housing Regulations

Construction, including roofing, is a public activity and could affect your neighborhood.  Because of this, local government, local communities, and homeowners associations come up with certain protocols we need to follow to keep the area as peaceful and as orderly as possible even with all the renovations going on.  These rules are reviewed from time to time and occasionally modified.

Working on your roof, however, is not a regular occurrence.  If the last time you had your roof done was twenty years ago, chances are, the rules for roofing today may not be the same as before.  With so many things in our palette, it’s no surprise you would rather spend the weekend on a single-day vacation than spend an entire day reviewing the house modification regulations in your area!

Roofing contractors are well-versed in the general regulations in home construction and maintenance as well as any changes in roofing policies in your area.  Plus, even if they aren’t familiar with local variations of certain construction regulations, these experts are trained and make time to check first with the local housing authorities to ensure they get oriented with the regulations.

Professional Advice and Easy Access to Quality Materials

We want the optimum, if not the best roofing materials for our home, but sometimes either the roofing is unavailable in the local market and requires substantial shipping cost, or it’s available, but at some exorbitant price.

Roofing contractors are specialists in their field, so they have the knowledge on how to get these quality materials at the most convenient price for you.  Plus, not only do roofers have connections with the construction tools and materials in the market, they are also familiar with many types of roofing and accessories.  This means they might be able to advise you on the best roofing for your home.

Save Time and Money

House remodeling takes time beyond gluing those roof tiles.  It takes careful planning and budgeting of time, money, and other resources.  It requires a lot of thinking to make sure you make use of the optimum roofing material and tools to create or reconstruct a roof that is not just an addition to your house’s curb appeal but is also a long-term and well-built protection above your heads.

After careful consideration and ironing of kinks in your roofing plan, you still need to make sure you have the right tools and materials for the project.  You will make multiple trips or website visits to the home improvement shop before you get to choose and have your materials delivered.  You still need to make sure you have more than enough of these materials to prevent half-baked remodeling.

Add to the list of tasks working on housing permits, insurance coverage (especially if the local housing authorities require it), making sure neighbors are aware of what you’re doing so they don’t complain of the ruckus you make, and several days (or nights) of painstaking roof construction.

Sounds taxing, right?  All those efforts will take a toll on your time originally intended for relaxation, spending with your loved ones, watching your favorite football game 一 heck, even your time to earn an extra couple of bucks from a done deal!

And the sad part?  You don’t have enough guarantee that your self-made roofing will protect your ceiling (and your heads) from all the rainstorms and strong winds in the next six months.

On the other hand, you could invest in a roofing contractor for your roofing project and you will get more time, enough to even play with your pet, have a beer, or a friendly chat with neighbors.  You can even do multiple business deals over the weekend and still have time to take your kids to the mall.

By getting a contractor, you will not only save time, you’ll also get valuable advice on your roofing, easier access to quality materials, a guarantee for long-lifespan roofing, and some peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to handle everything by yourself.

So, will you hire a roofing contractor today?

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