Whether he’s got everything, and you can’t think what to get him or he’s just very hard to please, Things Men Buy have you covered. So, don’t despair.

Here are a few excellent gift ideas for men who are challenging to get a gift for.

Foosball Table for the Win

A foosball table is an excellent idea for his games room or basement where he keeps his cool gear. If he’s attended college previously, no doubt he’s played the game before with his college buddies.

Figuring out what the best foosball table to get is not easy. There are large and mid-size ones and they’re decked out differently to look right in any entertainment room or den. You can check out this review site to find a full range of foosball table reviews to help you choose well. They offer detailed reviews of the most popular tables available and can help you make the right choice if this is the gift you want to choose.

Multi-Tasking Jacket for the Flexibility

Men love to dive into different things and not have to fuss about what to wear for every occasion. With this in mind, a 3-in-1 jacket from Under Armour has enough manliness included to ensure he’ll keep dry and warm no matter the weather conditions. The jacket comes in multiple sizes up to 3XL and five manly color schemes too.

This Under Armour Porter jacket isn’t bulky, so he’ll still be free to move around easily. This is because it has a fleece liner that is removable just by unzipping it and the jacket is ready for summer once more. It also has a loose high collar, so he won’t get chills or rain hitting his neck and below when an unexpected rainstorm descends either.

Desktop USB Charge for Smooth Connections in the Office

The Vogek USB charger is ideal for the business desktop or home office. It comes with 6 ports that each are pointing out at a different angle due to the circular design of the product. This is more convenient because some USB plugs and dongles are too wide and subsequently block adjacent USB ports from being used on other USB chargers.

The charger comes in six classy color schemes from the overtly colorful to shiny chrome ones that will look excellent next to a MacBook Pro. An LED light indicator confirms when the charger is powered up. The connecting cord is a generous 5 feet and there’s non-slip feet to prevent the charger from moving around on the desk too.

Perfect Fitness Push Up Stands for his Home Gym

The Perfect Fitness Push Up Stand increasing flexibility when performing body weight exercises.

It has a rotating handle design to prevent wrist fatigue (or reactivating any older sports injury) and is a patented feature of this product. The underside also sports a distinctive pattern to provide better grip on any flat surface. This push up stand also supports up to a robust 400 pounds, so it won’t let him down when he’s getting back in shape either.

Armed with these ideas, there’s sure to be something that will appeal to him. While he may own something similar, these products have newer features that should supersede what he already has making them good replacements too.

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