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Lawns are an external part of a building that helps to beautify it. It is an area that is covered with grass and other flowers and plants. They help to add aesthetics to your home and provide you with a place for relaxation, for kids to play, and so on. They can be found in homes, offices, recreational centers and parks, etc.

It is not just about owning a lawn. You should also take steps to give proper care and attention to it so that it looks inviting and at its best. There are several ways in which you can do this or several things that you can do to care for your lawn. They are typically grass and therefore are subject to getting overgrown; contain weeds as well as pests.

Caring for your lawn starts from basically watering it. This helps to maintain its green color and lushness. Asides from this, it also needs to be mowed to avoid getting overgrown. It should remain at an acceptable length and this can sometimes be a requirement of local building codes. You can find some reasons to maintain your lawn here.

Other things that you can do to maintain it includes seeding and over-seeding it and making sure it is properly aerated. You should apply fertilizer for good growth and take steps to generally improve the soil. You should also take steps to control weeds, pests as well as diseases as much as you can.

Taking Care of Your Lawn with a Scarifier

Lawn Scarifier

Talking about mowing your grass, over time, things such as weeds, roots, moss as well as plant debris build up on your lawn. If left this way, they can clog it and suffocate the soil. What this means for the soil is that it does not get enough aeration and this will cause an increase in its acidity and will impact negatively on the grass.

To take care of this, you will need to employ the use of a lawn scafiffer occasionally. This is an equipment that is designed for cutting through the soil. It helps to inject air into the soil and get it aerated making your lawn look green as well as healthy. It can as well be used for cleaning the grass after it is mowed especially during spring. In autumn, it is useful for removing dead grass and for strengthening the soil.

Types of Scarifiers

There are three main types of scarifiers. This is dependent on how they are powered. These are:

Manual Scarifiers: These can be used on small lawns. They are affordable but require a lot of physical input and energy.

Electric Powered: These are suitable for small to large lawns and they are the most popularly used. They usually come with electrical cords so you need an outlet for electricity as well as extension cables. The most important thing about them is that you do not need as much physical input so they make your job easier.

To use them, however, you have to wear protective gear for your ears as they do make a lot of noise.

Petrol Powered: For very large yards, petrol scarifiers are the most ideal to use. They offer you enormous ability as well as power. Due to their weights, they can be challenging to handle and because they are petrol-powered, they need constant maintenance. The good thing is that by using them, you can achieve a lot in a short time.

When is the Best Time to Use a Scarifier?

The best time to use a scarifier is dependent on your location as well as the weather.Generally, it is when the growth of your grass is most abundant. This is usually in autumn or late spring.

You can scarify at least once a year.If the conditions are bad, that is, you have a lot of moss growth, you may increase the frequency.

You can find more tips on caring for your lawn here


Lawns are good things to have as part of the landscape of a house and even neighborhoods as well as cities. They help to control erosion, improve soil, air and water quality, and generally help to make your building attractive.

With all of these, there is a need to give proper attention and care to them. Asides from watering and mowing, one way to do so is scarifying it. Doing this will help to leave it greener, healthier and more attractive.

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