When it comes to cloud computing, there are many applications that you need to have so that you can carry out your business with ease and success. When choosing a cloud application, you need to ensure that it is scalable so that your mission and apps can be upgraded for better execution across your company’s footprint. For this purpose, one needs to hire the best cloud application development companies that promise better services. The needs of modern consumers require that one has native cloud apps that are flexible and ones that can evolve with time.

With the use of a cloud system such as AWS, companies such as ClearScale partner with engineering teams that produce apps suitable for cloud usage. Concerning cloud-based applications, there are many such apps that you need and are probably not aware of. We shall discuss some of these cloud-based apps here.

Here are the top 5 cloud applications you may not know you need:


Also known as Software as a Service or SAAS, there are many apps that your business needs and ones that you may not be aware that you need. These applications can be used in the cloud and help your business to grow.

  1.   Salesforce.com

This is one of the many apps that can be used on the cloud. It is also known as customer relationship manager (CRM) and makes it impossible for businesses to collect various types of information about their customers. With data integration, this application makes it easy for businesses to streamline data management.

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  1.   Microsoft Office 365

This application by Microsoft offers tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and so on. It also offers a cloud-based version of MS Office. With this application, you can integrate and expand the workplace suite’s parameters so that it can work with operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and so on. This also improves the productivity and efficiency of organizations.

  1.   Dropbox

This is a file-sharing and communication app that can be used globally. This app keeps the files safe and accessible at any time. When a file is added, a notification appears on the desktop or the mobile phone. With Dropbox, a file can be started on the PC and edited on the mobile phone. With an invitation, you can create teams that can access the Dropbox files and collaborate on the project.

  1.   Slack

Slack is a business communication platform that allows people to cooperate as teams and work together. It helps teams organize communication messages so that participants can communicate seamlessly.  There is a private and secure messaging system for the teams. With Slack, professionals can use the private and secure messaging system to share files and communicate.

  1.   Amazon Web Services

This is a service provided by Amazon. It is cloud-based resources and IT services for a company that pays for the services. With this service, one can access over 70 tools and services that work to make the running of a company smooth. These are tools for analytics, database, deployment, storage, and so on.

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