Technology has dramatically revolutionized our world. Although this digital era has brought about numerous perks, it has a few drawbacks. Identity theft has become rampant across the world – criminals might access your Social Security card and use it to commit heinous crimes. For instance, they could sell it to foreigners who wish to reside in the country illegally. They could also incriminate you by using your alias to break the law.

When you realize that your social security card is missing, it’s important to act immediately. This card contains your unique Social Security Number (SSN) that’s used by the government to identify you as a United States citizen. It’s not possible to “close your account” when you lose your social security card. However, it’s possible to replace. The replacement process is quick and easy.

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Here are the top 3 things to do when your social security card goes missing:

  • Report your card is stolen

After confirming that your social security card is indeed missing, visit the Social Security website online and report your missing card. You could also call any major credit bureau to issue a fraud alert. Such bureaus include TransUnion and Experian. Once you contact them, explain how your card might have gone missing. The bureau you contact will inform other bureaus about your lost social security card so they can also follow up with the fraud alert.

Reporting your missing social security card is a quick process that could save you from trouble in the long run. Ensure you renew the alert after every three months. Identity fraud can potentially ruin your life and put you behind bars when things go south. Therefore, follow up with the bureau until your issue is resolved.

  • Renew your social security card

It’s important to get your missing social security card renewed swiftly. After all, you’ll need it to conduct certain transactions and get access to government services. There are two main ways you can replace your card. The first involves visiting the Social Security Administration office and requesting for a new card. The second approach is much simpler: get a computer and visit the SSA website. You might be wondering How long to replace social security card? Delightfully, it only takes five minutes to process your card replacement request at the SSA office. Consequently, your new card is sent via USPS mail within 14 days.

  • Inform the IRS of the loss

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a government body responsible for collecting taxes. In case you delay in submitting your tax returns, the IRS can track you down and slap you with huge penalties. It’s crucial to inform them that your card is missing – imposters can easily use your name to submit their tax returns, putting you in a compromising situation. To report your missing social security card, visit the IRS website or call their unique number. They will take all necessary steps to ensure you’re not incriminated.

Ensure you do these three things when your social security card mysteriously disappears.

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