The global car accessories market is estimated to reach USD 519 billion by 2022. Driving factors in the growth of the car accessories market include increases in vehicle sales and customization of cars, particularly among the younger segment of the population. If you’re planning a road trip and need to ensure that your vehicle is in order, car accessories and gadgets are cheaper alternatives to boost safety, performance and comfort.

Garmin Dash 55 Cam

Unless you’re buying a vehicle with a host of fancy accessories or options, you should consider including a dash cam in your vehicle. It records everything that takes place inside your vehicle and outside on the road. A dash cam can also record scenes if you’re on a road trip, something that you can’t do at the same time as driving. Consider Garmin’s Dash 55 which, while small, packs a mean punch. It has a compact size and offers superior video quality. Recorded footage is stamped with the location and time, so there are no disputes when and where an incident occurred.

Nunda Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor recommends checking your tire pressure once a month to ensure that they are properly inflated. Tires that are under or over inflated can cause blowouts, tread separations, accidents and rollovers. Properly maintained tires improve gas mileage, performance, handling, and safety. Track your tire pressure in real time with the Nunda Zus tire monitor. It also detects slow air leaks, and comes with an anti-theft locking system.

BACtrack S80 Pro Tester

The presence of certain levels of alcohol in the blood slows down reflexes and impairs driving, causing accidents and injuries. Breathalyzers help you stay safe behind the wheel by measuring the amounts of alcohol present in your breath. The BACtrack S80 is considered one of the best on the market, and is approved by the US Department of Transportation. It is compact, easy to use, remembers previous readings, and produces breathalyzer results in less than 10 seconds. Accuracy is within 0.0000-0.4000 % of blood alcohol content (BAC).

Handpresso Auto 12V

If you can’t function without your cup of coffee while on the road, the Handpresso Auto is a nifty solution. Simply plug the machine in the cigarette lighter plug, and you’ll have coffee in less than two minutes. It works with coffee pods as well as ground coffee, so you can choose whether you want a regular beverage or an espresso. Accessories are also available, such as a carrying case and power adapter.

Car gadgets make it easy for you to upgrade your vehicle without spending tons of money on a new ride. They improve the safety and performance of your ride, as well as enhancing driving comfort for your next road trip.

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