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One of the finest ways to spice up your intimate time in the bedroom with your partner is by using sex toys. Some sex toys are also designed for solo users who want some sexy me-time. Using sex toys can be a daunting and sometimes an awkward idea for first-timers, which is understandable. However, once you’ve opened up your mind to the concept of involving sex toys in the bedroom, you’ll find that the sexual experience is so much better.

But like other things, there are also rights and wrongs when it comes to buying sex toys. Purchasing and using sex toys the wrong way could not only compromise the fun and pleasure in the bedroom, but it could also make the user swear not to use sex toys again.

Men are not spared from committing mistakes when choosing or buying sex toys. This article will show you the five biggest mistakes most men make when buying sex toys so you don’t end up making the same mistakes again.

  • Not Taking Enough Time To Search And Choose

The most popular sex toy for men is the fleshlight. This toy replicates the form of female genitalia or orifice and is realistically molded to imitate sexual activity with another person. Instead of using their hands, men can use the fleshlight as a masturbation tool and have a better and more realistic sexual solo experience. Unfortunately, not all men take their time and effort to search and choose the best fleshlight.

Keep in mind that all fleshlights are made differently. They may differ in size, material, texture, and how they’re used. Some men may automatically choose the best-selling toy from the sex store without considering its safety or how it’s made. If you wish to achieve a heightened sexual experience from your fleshlight or any male sex toy, you need to take your time to search and get to know the product before you finalize your purchase.

Some factors you need to include are the size of your penis, the material used to create the toy, the level of sensitivity, cost, and of course, your desired experience level. Overall, take your time to explore many options and buy the best sex toy suitable for your sexual needs.

  • Just Focusing On The End Goal  

Although male sex toys are designed for masturbation purposes, that doesn’t mean that you should only focus on the end goal—orgasm. If the experience or journey of achieving the orgasm didn’t matter, you could just stick to using your hands and not think of getting a toy. So, if you’re considering buying a sex toy, you need to focus on enhancing the journey, process, or sexual experience, and not just merely reaching orgasm.

Allow yourself to browse for different sex toys and contemplate how each type can improve your sexual experience. For instance, if you want to enhance your masturbation experience, you may opt for the standard fleshlight with your desired size, tightness, and suction.

Meanwhile, if you want to simulate a real-life experience of having sex with another person, you may opt for a hands-free fleshlight that includes a sex doll or a fleshlight mount. This way, reaching an orgasm will feel more realistic and more relaxed since you won’t have to use your hands anymore, and instead, just hump on the sex toy.

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  • Being Ashamed Of Them 

Even today, some men are still ashamed of their sex toys due to the stigma surrounding their use. Thus, some men are still uncomfortable when talking about their sex toys, even with their partners. However, the more you feel ashamed of your toys, the harder it’ll be for you to seek help when you have concerns or inquiries about the different male sex toys and how they’re used or maintained.

The only way you can get the best out of your sex toys is to embrace the fact that you use them and enjoy them. Remember, buying and using sex toys don’t define who you are. So, whether you have a fleshlight, an anal plug, or a sex doll, embrace it and make the most out of it.

  • Not Using Lube  

Another common mistake men make when buying sex toys is forgetting the lube. You may have the best and most expensive sex toy out there. But without lube, the experience will only feel dry and weird. And even if you’re using lube, you also need to ensure that you’re using the right one. Otherwise, using the wrong lube can also destroy your sex toys.

So, when going shopping, ask the store attendant or do your research in advance about the best lubes to use for your sex toy. For example, if you’re buying a silicone-made sex toy, you must also purchase water or oil-based lubes and avoid silicone lubes as these will only damage your sex toy.

  • Not Cleaning Or Taking Care Of Your Toys Properly 

Even with the best and highest-quality sex toys, they can only last long when cleaned and maintained correctly. Most importantly, proper cleaning and maintenance of your sex toys are essential for your health.

So, when buying sex toys, don’t forget to ask how to clean them properly. Some sex toys may require a specific cleaning method and proper storage so ensure you follow it thoroughly for the toy’s longevity and, most importantly, to avoid potential health problems.

Wrapping Up 

Now that you know the common sex toy buying mistakes most men make, you’ll know what to avoid. Remember, sex toys were invented to enhance sexual pleasure, not worsen it. By buying and choosing the right sex toy, you can achieve the most amazing bedroom experience—with or without a partner.

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