Hey Everyone!

Tim here, and I wanted to just fill you in on a few new things added to Things Men Buy in the last few weeks.

For starters, I finally got a quick review of my favorite cigar shop online.  You can check it out there.

I’ve also added a few new videos to the YouTube channel.  I think you’ll find that some are just every day things we buy, like regular stuff from around the house.  I found myself doing a lot of upkeep on my house over the weekend since there wasn’t any football on!  I really miss football, although that ending in the Daytona 500 was pretty insane!

I actually have a copy of Norm’s book, “South of Normal” coming to me via Amazon.  I look forward to posting a review of that, I’m a big fan of Norm’s work and can’t wait to see about his adventures traveling the world.  Pretty crazy stuff.  If you don’t know Norm, he’s an editor and contributor here from time to time.  You can read about him on this page.

This YouTube video continues to be the most watched one that I’ve done so far.  I guess people really like to look for iPhone cases.  (Hey, I’ve broken 11, so I guess I’m not alone.)

Links to new reviews:

In case you didn’t get the emails about these new product reviews, check these out:

HammerMade Minnesota Nice Shirt

Okay, so here’s what’s coming up in the coming months!

I have a few trips planned.  Heading to Copper Mountain, Colorado for a family ski trip.  I hope to have a lot of snow and safe travels.  I’ll be going to Las Vegas for a friend’s book release as well around April 1.  So there is a lot in store.

I just bought a brand new Cannondale Mountain bike (it’ll be reviewed here shortly) and it’s working like a charm. I logged about 20 miles last week and I like the way it handles. It goes fast like a ten speed but can take the bumps and rough terrain as well.  My last bike wasn’t as fast so I’m having fun keeping up with my ten year old all of a sudden.

Other than that, I’m still doing my best to get in shape for Summer.  I’m really looking forward to warmer weather, as we’ve had a cold front in South Florida.  (I know, you Northern folks are probably like “cry me a river.”  I can relate, I’m a Minnesotan.)

See you all soon, thanks for your readership.


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