Relationship After A Decade

Spending a decade together is an achievement for couples. While countless couples cross this milestone, they miss out on the spark somewhere on the way. Having kids is great, but it definitely affects your intimacy. Even if you do not get into the parenting zone, the attraction wanes as monotony sets in over the years. Thankfully, there are ways to keep things hot with your partner despite tight schedules, parenting responsibilities, and work woes. Marriage counselors suggest that a little effort takes you a long way together, so you must invest in it. Here are some practical tips to rekindle your relationship after a decade.

Be realistic

The worst mistake couples make is to have unrealistic expectations from each other. Of course, there’s excitement and passion when you fall in love. But things change as your relationship grows. So you must be realistic about your feelings and connection as they may wax and wane over time. But you shouldn’t worry about things going haywire if you share a strong bond. Being realistic reduces the pressure and makes your relationship effortless.

Burn your resentment

Things change in a long-term bond because couples bottle up their feelings over the years. These pent-up emotions transform into resentment at a point. You can rekindle the love for each other by burning them and starting afresh. Adopt a monthly practice of writing down your resentments and opening up about them. But commit to resolving them right away, so that you can focus on healing and moving forward.

Rework physical intimacy

A decade together definitely hits physical intimacy, no matter how much you try to retain it. Start reworking your bedroom life sooner than later on crossing the ten-year milestone. Revamp your private space, and keep it off-limits for kids after bedtime. Pick habits to make things more exciting. You can use a real whizzinator XXX to add spark to your private moments. Having kinky conversations, trying new positions, and watching a hot movie together are some other ideas worth trying.

Go the extra mile with self-care

Regaining the lost attraction is also about working on yourself. As your body changes over the years, you may feel conscious and lose your self-esteem. These negative emotions can affect your relationship spark. Going the extra mile with self-care can help you lose weight and regain a youthful glow. You feel good about yourself and regain confidence. Try a self-care plan together to make your love life more exciting.

Give each other space

Surprisingly, giving each other space can do wonders for your relationship, no matter how many years fly. Ensure having a life outside the love zone, socializing with siblings, friends, and colleagues. Plan a solo trip once a year to recharge and rejuvenate. Spending time apart brings a fresh perspective and strengthens your bond over time. Of course, it boosts the physical attraction factor too.

An extended relationship need not become boring and monotonous. You can foster it and nurture your love to keep the attraction going and growing stronger, regardless of the age of your relationship.

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