I hadn’t really read Maxim since I was a high schooler or even a college student, I was subscriber back then when that magazine was fresh and new and worth looking at. I had largely forgotten about it until I came across a post on their site the other day that was talking about the 41 Best Bars in America to Meet Women. Curious, I took a look.

Without even first reading the article, the title itself was a little troublesome considering it lists 41 bars, so not every geographic locale would be covered. I imagined that most of the bars would be centralized in certain areas — a bunch of New York bars, Chicago bars, Los Angeles, etc., with a scattering of bars spread out elsewhere. Given that I live in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area, I figured there may be a bar or two near me to enjoy some adult beverages in the company of single women, but not every reader will have something on this list close to them.

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The methodology used was by taking feedback from women on Foursquare, further saying the respondents are likely “sophisticated, tech savvy and highly attractive (probably).” I’m unsure of this methodology and would like to see a similar list comprised by the opinions of men. They could also take data into account, such as locales that have a higher ratio, population-wise, of women to men, increasing your odds to find single women.

As I started clicking through the gallery, I was surprised that it listed (they aren’t in particular ranking order) bars in Alaska, Iowa, Connecticut, etc., so there goes my assertion of it being made up of highly populated, urban areas. They have a range of bars from those where you’ll find “party animals” to  “music lovers” to “cocktails and fine dining”, and also those for the younger crowd and older crowd.

Overall, it was fun clicking through the gallery  and seeing the different kinds of bars out there that women are claiming are the best place to meet a lady. There was one Miami bar for me to check out, and a number of others I can add to my list when I’m traveling.

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Dave Schmidt is an e-commerce entrepreneur specializing in business-to-consumer products, social media, affiliate marketing and SEO. He currently resides in Fort Lauderdale. When not working, Dave enjoys spending time with nephew and dogs, trying new beers, anything involving music, and soaking up the Florida sun in between trips home to his native Minnesota.

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