On a random night last Summer, I found myself in need of an Uber.  Much to my enjoyment, I was picked up by the best uber driver in Miami – Markley Medina.

This guy defines greatness, and has set the bar extremely high for “VIP” uber drivers all over the world.

Markley Medina is the Uber VIP King

Medina’s Chevy Suburban is fun on wheels.  The ride is decked out with speakers, lasers, and even a smoke machine.  He routinely has music blaring and the enjoyment of being in his tricked out ride is something every uber customer should experience if they make it to South Florida.

Medina is very active on social media, and has been featured in many news outlets here in South Florida.  You can reach him at the following social media outlets.

Instagram:  @ubermevip


Stay tuned, we’re preparing an interview with the man, the myth, and the legend very soon.  In the mean time, check out this video he put on his YouTube Channel.  These unsuspecting passengers got into the Uber – just like me – to find out how awesome the experience was about about to be.

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