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Although it seems more like a hobby than a competitive sport, bowling has a long and rich history. Today, it’s of the most popular games in the world. It is practiced equally by players of all genders and ages. It is a favorite activity of many, primarily because of the simple rules and the fact that it’s not financially demanding.

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Age is not a limiting factor for bowling, but older people can’t give their best due to physical exertions. T’s not recommended for them to compete, but they can enjoy this physical activity as an exciting hobby, as long as it’s safe.

The bowling rules are simple to learn, but the activity itself is not as easy as it seems. Sure, it’s all about throwing a ball that should knock down as many (or all) cones as possible. But there are finesses, different methods, and play styles that can make a beginner a top bowler.

Why You Should Start Bowling

The main ‘prejudice’ about bowling is that it is a passive sport, intended for inactive or old people. That’s actually far from the truth. This activity activates and builds a particular group of muscles and needs a high level of physical fitness.

Bending and stretching while throwing the ball is great for connective tissues, ligaments, and arm muscles. Since the whole body is in motion, bowling activity shapes the physique very well. It also affects the loss of excess pounds and helps to keep optimal body weight.

Bowling also affects the development of psychomotor skills and positively changes the character and personality of the person. This activity is usually practiced in larger groups, which bring chances for new friendships. And, as it’s a team sport, bowling develops team spirit, openness, and communication with others.

So, this sport is not a dull activity intended only for seniors, but for all ages. Depending on your ambitions, you can start as an amateur and then switch to competitive bowling.

Good Fitness is Necessary

In bowling, as in any sport, the base is physical training. The bowlers don’t run or jump all the time, but this sport burns many calories. That’s because it belongs to anaerobic activities (such as weightlifting). Also, mental preparation and stability are essential, especially in competitions, when only one shot can decide the winner.

Although it seems easy, this discipline includes jumping, squatting, running, and using specific throw-out techniques. It’s necessary to warm up for at least half an hour before training or a game. You can jog, swim, or go to the gym for aerobic training. Stretching of all muscles is a must because injuries are not rare in bowling.

Besides physical form, it is necessary to be mentally ready to bowl. Mental discipline and strong will are prerequisites for becoming a great bowler. This sport requires excellent accuracy and fast thinking, which you can achieve only with training and focus on the shot.

Don’t Look at Pins

It takes a while to find a style and way of throwing the ball that suits you best. At this link, you can see which techniques are most common and how they are performed correctly. Whatever you practice, the point is not to look at the goal: the cones.

The reason for this is less shooting accuracy. That is why there are dots and arrows on the lane, in which you should focus your look when shooting. If you look at the dots and notice that your shot isn’t good, move your gaze to the arrows and see if there are any improvements. Once you find the point where your accuracy is highest, stick to it.

Find Your Ball

Find Your Ball

When you feel ready for your first match or league, you should get your ball. In sports shops, you will find a large selection of these props. If you’re a bowling first-timers, that can be a bit confusing. So always ask the seller for help.

Besides following the basic ball weight rules, you should choose one that reflects your style. When you are a beginner, you shouldn’t buy the most expensive ball, because it is unnecessary. Half-cheaper props will also do the job until you master your skills.

Have Good Manners

Good manners are the backbone of sports and sportsmanship. Whether you play bowling recreationally or professionally, you should respect the ethics of this sport. These principles apply to the way you play, but also to your behavior while you wait for your turn.

Always carry your ball, and play only with it. After throwing the ball, move a few steps back from the approach, and wait for the ball to reach the cones. After knocking down, step aside, and wait for your turn. Don’t shout, don’t swear, and don’t be pushy when you lose. Don’t try to distract other players. It is not gentlemanly or in line with sportsmanship.

Prevent Injuries

Don’t think bowling injuries aren’t possible. There are often awkward falls or cases such as dropping a not so light ball on foot. Okay, the latter doesn’t happen that often, but there’s a real danger if you don’t hold the ball or throw it out properly.

With focus, regular training, and proper warm-up before each match, injuries can be prevented. When lifting the ball, try to transfer the weight to the knees, not the back. Until you gain stability in your arms, you can hold the ball with both hands. Don’t forget to stretch your fingers.

The correctness of the ‘equipment’ is also vital to prevent injury. It is essential to check the soles of your shoes before starting the game. Keep them dry to prevent slipping. Also, remove all sticky objects from the bowling line to avoid falls.

If you have the ambition to compete in this sport, but you’re an absolute beginner, that’s not an obstacle. You just have to adhere to some basic guidelines. The point of every sport is to enjoy and have fun. That’s only possible if all bowlers play fair and adhere to good sportsmanship.

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