James Allen Reviews

The company known as James Allen was created by James Allen Schultz and Michele (his wife) way back in 1998. Similar to other countless firms, the firm was created after the founder’s research on engagement rings was dissatisfying. Ever since the launch, the James Allen reviews posted online have been off the charts and they have been called the “best place to buy diamond rings” on many industry blogs.  Naturally, I had to dig in for all the guys who are looking for engagement rings out there for their soon to be brides!  My goal here is to help you make an informed decision before you shop at JamesAllen.com.

What is Unique About James Allen Engagement Rings?

From the introduction in 2006, James Allen has, by far, revolutionized the way people purchase diamond jewelry and engagement rings. How are these possible? By establishing the most convenient and perfect online jewelry shop. This was made possible by the relentless innovation and pursuit to create a desirable product that suits you and including James Allen financing as one of the perks. This has helped the company catapult into the ranks of one of the leading luxury retailer online.  Nobody does making a ring more affordable than the James Allen financing program.

Additionally, James Allen has wholly revolutionized the market for individuals looking to purchase diamond jewelry. Not to talk about their unrivaled imagery, which enables you to select the perfect diamond. The fantastic imagery allows you to differentiate between a falling, unpleasant diamond, and a tremendous clarity diamond. Adding to that, when that is coupled with their fabulous jewelry that amazes with both craftsmanship and style, it completes the package, which makes purchasing a diamond engagement ring for your special someone an excellent option.

The company offers a massive amount of high quality pre-selected diamonds for their clients. Most people walk into buying an engagement ring with a lot of questions, but James Allen reviews show that their customers walk out with a lot of trust and confidence.  This is the result of over 50 years of experience in the diamond industry, and to think, they allow you to buy engagement rings from anywhere and actually feel like you are in a showroom.  (Thanks to technology!)

JamesAllen.com Offers Over 200,000 Certified Diamonds

With a display of over 200,000 loose diamonds, you’ll encounter an unmatched shopping experience. Many prospective customers compare James Allen vs Blue Nile or James Allen vs Tiffany.

In most cases, you would expect that with such a massive inventory, some if not most of the diamonds are not certified. Well, every piece of crystal we own comes with an IGI, AGS, or GIA issued grading report. Additionally, the James Allen ring sizer is unique in it’s own right and something that the industry is trying to catch up to.

Why the extensive collection? You may wonder, after all, only one piece diamond is needed for your engagement ring. This comprehensive collection of a diamond is meant to provide you with the chance to pick the perfect diamond, depending on your budget. You are provided with several options for you to compare, which they believe helps you cherry pick the perfect diamond for you.

High Definition Videos Display James Allen Diamonds Online

When it comes to selecting a diamond, the ability to visualize and see precisely what you are settling for or purchasing is vital. These are mainly because the clarity, cut ratings, and color of all diamonds is usually the same on paper. However, each and every single ring is often uniquely different.

These high definition video proofs can help to reveal which diamond is better to cut for optical precision and light performance. It is essential to understand that when buying engagement rings, a grading report does not necessarily cut it. That can only mean that you will need more than that if you are a discerning shopper.

A Revolutionary Diamonds Display

Having earlier mentioned on the HD video display, it is essential to add that JamesAllen.com is among the first retailers to introduce this technology. This technology has enabled customers to find high-quality diamonds with an SI ½ clarity grade whose inclusion is not usually visible to the naked eye. Despite numerous attempts from competitors, no online jeweler can come close to their trademarked 360 degrees Diamond Display Technology. Of course, customers should always inspect the clarity grade as well as looking at the images when procuring these precious stones. Sometimes it is usually challenging to determine the brilliance of a diamond if it is not round. Additionally, in many cases, the specs on the certificate typically do not carry the whole story of the diamond if it is not symmetrical.

Prices at JamesAllen.com

When compared to other high end stores, it is guaranteed to get a high quality diamond at James Allen for a relatively friendly price, and many people have questioned how this could be possible?

The reality is that because mortar and brick stores charge hefty rates due to the significant overhead they incur from rent, staff costs, and inventory. Unlike these stores, when you shop at JamesAllen.com you can buy from a company who runs a much more lean, profit-focused business. This allows them to pass the savings to their happy customers, enabling them to get high quality diamonds at friendly prices.

You can literally save 30, even 40%, without sacrificing quality.

Customizing Your Ring and Setting at James Allen

With over 600 gorgeous setting designs at James Allen, it is correct to say that they offer more than a range of styles. Additionally, similar to their loose diamonds, you can visualize them in HD, 360 degree videos.

Another great thing at James Allen is the degree of customization and autonomy while making your preferred choice. Raging from platinum or white gold metal, or a halo or a solitaire design, depending on your preference, you’ll find an option that satisfies your budget and taste. Offering personalized customization and free engravings for those of you who prefer adding a personal touch to your engagement ring. Additionally, at James Allen, we provide a personalized service where we browse through your inspiration gallery to help make you a more informed decision if you can’t make up your mind. So, the idea of designing your ring should not be a bother because we have it covered for you. In addition, at James Allen, we make this process easy and straight forward.

Exclusive Diamond Selection

At the core of our massive inventory at James Allen, we have a premier diamond collection referred to as true hearts. This premier collection of diamonds is curated for brilliance and the best optical performance. Additionally, in terms of cut quality and sparkle, the true hearts diamonds are at the top.

They also offer an exclusive selection referred to as the CanadaMark. With Canada being recognized for its strict environmental protection laws and their ethic in mining, and also without forgetting that these diamonds originate from Canada, you can rest assured that CanadaMark diamonds are produced with the highest integrity paying meticulous attention to the finest of details.

James Allen has so expanded their jewelry offers to include eternity bands, tennis bracelets, and diamond pendants.

True Hearts Diamond Review

As earlier mentioned, when settling for a diamond engagement ring, the cut is usually the king. This is generally because cut directly affects the amount of brilliance and sparkle in a ring. If you are considering to purchase a True Hearts diamond ring, then this text is for you.

What is this True Heart Diamond?

This is a high end collection of finely cut diamonds that meticulously curated for internal proportions and symmetry. Additionally, when diamonds are ideally cut, with both craft and precision, it enhances the diamond’s scintillation patterning, fire, and brilliance.

In addition, all True Hearts diamonds go along with a grading certificate from one of the top diamond grading laboratories in the world, either AGS or GIA. Other than the famous hearts and arrows diamonds, True Hearts selection is also available in the cushion and princess cuts.

How good are True Hearts Diamonds?

Mostly, these diamonds are marketed and loved for their cut quality. At James Allen, you will find that the consistency and quality is truly revealed in each of these diamonds.

In order to align the individual facets of a diamond, the cutter must use both skill and precision—these results in optical symmetry. The hearts pattern generally appears consistent and symmetrical in a super ideal cut diamond.

True Heart Princess Cut Diamond

We all know that one of the most popular engagement rings shape is the princess cut. If you do not understand these, but happens to fancy square shape ring, then the perfect engagement ring is here. The True Heart princess cut if by far the best option for you as it is ideal for both sparkle and performance.

True Hearts Cushion Cut Diamond

Another option available for you is the True Hearts Cushion cut diamond. This type of diamond is the perfect alternative to the traditional circular diamonds for those of you who are looking for something new. Additionally, the diamond features a unique facet patterning. Under the watchful eye of the AGS, the True Hearts cushion undergoes a stringent selection process. The process includes an AGS certification as an ideal cut.

The always-on 24/7 Customer Support

In most of the physical stores, you are met by sales staff who are always on your neck. They are usually persistent and relentless with their annoying selling tactics to make you buy something without even understanding what you want or whether what they are pressuring you to buy meets your needs. Usually, their main concern is making a commission from the sale instead of prioritizing your interest first. When you shop online, you won’t get that uncomfortable feeling of someone goading you into a purchase.

The customer support team at James Allen rings is as professional as anywhere you’ll find, and they are a non-commissioned team that works tirelessly to make sure that you make an educated choice. Hence, should you run into problems, may it be during the selection of a loose diamond or the engagement ring setting, you can engage the support team, and you will get immediate assistance.

Additionally, if you have any questions, you can opt to use the “Chat With Us” button, and you will get a quick response.  We tested it out and the staff was willing to do a screen share with us.  If that doesn’t scream “they go the extra mile,” I don’t know what does.

Free Shipping at James Allen Online

At James Allen, customers are held in the highest regard. They make sure that your procurements are entirely risk free by standing behind their products.  This is because they offer a free 30-day return period at which customers can return the goods with no questions asked. This gives you enough time to review your purchase and make an informed decision.

Additionally, as if that’s not enough, they offer a free shipment of goods purchased to your preferred destination all over the world. For those in the United States, the offer extends the extra mile; they pay for your return shipping. In order to show you the level of confidence, they possess in their products, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase they also give refunds.

Upgrading Your Diamond and Lifetime Warranty

At James Allen, it does not end with only a lifetime warranty, but they offer other additional lifetime free services like re-plating, re-polishing, cleaning and, prong tightening.  Customers can get in touch with with them with ANY issue with their purchases.

One of the best features they offer is the upgrade policy.  As long as you buy a diamond that is two times the original value of your initial purchase, you can trade any diamond and receive credit towards a new purchase.  If you want to upgrade, they make it very easy!

Delivery of Your James Allen Diamond Ring

Once you have selected your ring and gone through checkout, your job is done; what you need to do is just to relax and wait for FedEx to deliver your purchase right at your doorstep securely. Your item will be delivered in an appealing and discreet white box. This is done to not draw any attention to the package and also if it’s a gift for someone, they will be surprised when they open it.  You’ll also see in the unboxing information that the packaging around whatever jewelry you buy is first class as well.

Unboxing a James Allen Engagement Ring Package

The first thing you need to know about James Allen’s packaging and presentation is that it is both first-class and exquisite. It is by far the best that you have ever seen in the jewelry industry and for me, it ranks right up there with the presentation of Rolex watches.  

The packaging is so durable and luxurious that many people keep it as a keepsake jewelry box for keeping other things. In the packaging box, there also exists a pullout drawer that can serve for storing some essential documents such as the grading report or appraisal.  You won’t find this sort of attention to detail at any other online jeweler.

What Comes With Your James Allen Diamond Ring?

  • Diamond engagement ring in a crimson wooden box.
  • A Proprietary Light Performance Diamond Quality Report from AGS. AGS and GIA are the only two trusted labs that offer reliable and consistent grading standards in the world of diamond grading.
  • From James Allen, an Appraisal Document. This document is particularly important for those of you with intentions of shopping for insurance policies for your jewelry. As a value added service, this appraisal is offered free of charge for any purchases above $ 1,500.
  • Rewards and Warranty Cards. These are the cards containing the guidelines on caring for your jewelry and information concerning the lifetime warranty. Additionally, a discount code is provided, which gets you 10 percent off a wedding band’s acquisitions.
  • Quality Assurance Card. There is an appraisal issued containing details from Quality Assurance professionals after the inspections of every finished ring and diamond against stipulations specified in the respective order during manufacturing. Additionally, it signed by the last person to conduct the quality check prior to the shipment.
  • Printed invoice.

Evaluation of the Workmanship at James Allen

When viewing an engagement ring, it is correct to say that the first thing that the eye focuses on is usually the center diamond. However, what many people forget or, in other words, undermine is the setting, which also plays an equally important role in the overall appearance of the ring.

  • Craftsmanship is very critical in this industry; these are because it is usually the determinant of overall balance, proper prong balance, matching melee selection, symmetry, and ring finishing. Additionally, if a jeweler cares about more delicate details and also takes time on the setting, the piece will automatically translate into a stunning piece of jewelry.
  • Good workmanship can also improve the lifespan and durability of the part. Additionally, the opposite is also exact for a poorly made piece of jewelry.

Diamonds Cut Quality Performance from James Allen

In the world of a crystal, cut is king. This cut is typically the number one factor that is considered when purchasing a diamond ring. It is mostly because of the quality of cut on a diamond breathes life to a diamond which in turn fills it with brilliance and sparkle.

James Allen’s True Hearts listings provide a hearts patterning image as well as an ideal-scope image. Therefore, any decision to purchase a diamond should be majorly based on an educative analysis of the provided data.

Design Types at James Allen

At James Allen, you will find a wide range of selection when it comes to loose diamonds and setting selection. Some of the more popular design types offered are highlighted below.

  • Solitaire. It is a timeless yet classic choice that is made up of a plain setting and a single stone. It gives you a simple look while still maintaining an elegant appearance.
  • Pave. With this particular engagement, small diamonds lace the band giving the appearance of a solid and luminous diamond surface.
  • Channel set. The engagement ring features side diamonds which are carefully embedded without prongs into the channel groove of its sturdy setting.
  • Side-stone. The side diamonds featured on this engagement ring brings out the brilliance of the center diamond. These create an authentic statement piece living up to its name.
  • Three-stone. The engagement ring features two side diamonds, which accentuate the brilliance and size of the center stone. This automatically gives you a stunning wow effect.
  • Tension. The diamond on this particular ring is held in place by the physical force of its bold setting. The ring is perfect for the modern woman.
  • Halo. The ring features many tiny diamonds surrounding the center stone. These numerous small stones create an extra sparkle to these stunning rings.
  • Vintage. This ring is perfect for the truly romantic people. This antique-style engagement ring brings back memories of days gone by.

James Allen Ring Designers

You’ll find some of the best ring designers in the business working with JamesAllen.com.

  • Verragio. A graduate of the New York City Fashion Institute of technology, Verragio has continued to focus on designing truly different, cutting edge products with a classic foundation.
  • Danhov designers. Based in Hollywood, California, Danhov has continued to produce luxurious engagement and bridal rings. With art, precision, and individuality, the company has remained at the top in the production of rings.
  • Jeff Copper designers. The New York-based designer creates a simple, clean, yet refined ring. This reflects on his notion that classics can never go out of style. This particular philosophy has made his work remain among the best in the country. He also believes that with every ring comes a story. Hence his inspiration comes from daily life.
  • Martin Flyer designers. Probably the most common name in the engagement and bridal ring industry. Founded in 1945, in New York City, the company has continued to produce first-class and quality products by combining both functions with stylish elegance.

Quality Diamond Cuts

When selecting a diamond, it all comes down to cut. It is hands down as the most crucial criteria because in diamond appearance cut remains to have the most significant impact. Besides, other than making the diamond look more substantial and helping mask body color, it also helps in masks inclusions due to the better sparkles. In other words, skimping on the quality of the cut is the first mistake you make when purchasing a diamond.

In conclusion, this is a company we, as men, can really get behind and recommend to our audience.  They stand for everything we look for in a quality online shopping experience, starting with their relentless focus on customer service and remarkable innovation.  The James Allen reviews you will see posted online echo this sentiment, and unlike other jewelers who only offer preset diamond jewelry and engagement rings, at James Allen, you will get the opportunity to personalize the jewelry based on your terms and your needs.

This personalized touch helps suit your desire and will help portray the message you desire to give out or send.

Also, when it comes to making massive purchases, James Allen is the perfect choice for you. This is because the safety of your money is guaranteed, there is also the 30-day return period, and most importantly, you will pay 30 percent to 40 percent off of what you would pay in a store.

Concluding this JamesAllen.com review, their business model is all about helping the customer make informed purchases, and the risk factor is zero, at the end of the day, everyone wins at when they buy rings at James Allen!

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