People have always used pendulums to seek answers to questions, especially those of personal pursuit. If you also want to use one and don’t know how to, then below are a few tips to guide you;

Prepare your mind

An important step to using a pendulum is clearing your head and preparing your energies. You want to use your pendulum with a clear mind so find a quiet place or listen to relaxing music first. You don’t have to always listen to music or undergo serious relaxation, you can take a few deep breaths right before you use the pendulum and you are good to go.

Prepare your questions beforehand

If you want a smooth session, then you may want to prepare your questions beforehand. If you can, write them down and if you don’t know where to begin you can always seek professional advice. You can check these pendulum reading tips.


Start with what you know

When using your pendulum, you want to start with what you already know. Begin with simple questions you already have answers to, for instance, ask about your name, or age, etc then slowly advance to complex ones.

Have an open mind

It is going to be easier for your pendulum to communicate if you are going to keep an open mind. You want to be open enough to receive whatever answers your pendulum has for you as it is all about being at ease.

Cleanse your pendulum

It is necessary to cleanse your pendulum every once in a while. If the material used on the pendulum can’t be affected by water and salt, then you can use sea salt to cleanse it. You can also simply cleanse it using cold tap water.

Position yourself

The best position to seat when using your pendulum is upright with your feet flat on the floor. Hold the pendulum fob between your thumb and index finger and let it dangle, and if you want to hold it at the chain then make sure you leave enough space between your fingers and the weight stone.

Program the signals

You want to program the signals of your pendulum first before using it. Some of the common signals are yes which is denoted by front to backward movement and no which is denoted by side by side movement. You can also use the clockwise and the counterclockwise movement for other signals.

Ask your questions and be patient

Now that you have your questions prepared and have positioned yourself, the last and final thing is to ask your questions. Be patient, trust in the process and the pendulum will do the work it is meant to do.

Bottom line

Pendulums come in different shapes and sizes, and you will always get one of your preferences should you want to use it. If you decide to use one, then remember to be patient and start slowly as this will help you adapt to the whole experience especially if you are a first timer.

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