How To Remove THC From Weed Out Of Your Hair

Do you always wonder how long the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from marijuana remains in your hair? If you do, then you come to the right place. In this article, I’ll answer this question and talk about an effective solution.

Normally, people who are concerned with this question are those who want to pass a hair test by their employer. Now, if you think that “time” will help you get rid of the THC out of your hair, then you’re wrong. You need to apply solutions to solve your THC problem.

How Long Does THC Stay On Hair

Marijuana can stay in your hair for months and even years. You can be easily detected under the influence of marijuana 7 to 10 days after use. There’s also a probability that your hair gets affected by second-hand smoke. Many people might say that it won’t be detectable but this is employment you’re talking about so you don’t leave it to chance.

Solutions In Getting The Weed Out Of Your System

If you think you have THC in your hair, you can’t just leave it to chance and time to remove it. There are actually solutions available on the market. Here are products you can try to remove the weed out of your system:

Marijuana Detox Shampoo

To pass a hair follicle test, you can use a marijuana detox shampoo before taking the test. The most popular product that I know is the [Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo] ( which I have used personally with so much success. It removes any traces of weed in your hair effectively. Just remember to read the directions carefully before use.

Full Body Detox Product

If you like to clean your whole system from any traces of marijuana, then a full body detox product is what you’ll need. The best full body detox product available is the [Toxin Rid 10 Day Cleanse] ( This is completely natural and uses herbs to flush the toxins out from your body. In as little as one hour, your blood, urine, and saliva will be undetected with any drug toxins.

FAQ About Marijuana Staying In Your Hair

Does hair testing vary from one lab to another?

Yes, it does. Common labs (like Quest, Diagnostics, Omega Labs, and Psychemedics) have different procedures in testing for marijuana in your hair. Quest Diagnostics uses EIA testing, which people think is less accurate than other tests.

Psychemedics, on the other hand, uses ELISA tests which are deemed more accurate than EIA. In this test, the drug metabolites are isolated. There are other labs that utilize even less precise tests so your success rate begins with the lab that performs your test and the procedures they use.

Can the drug test results vary for people who used the same weed?

Age, weight, and height don’t hold any bearing on your drug test results. But your hair type and metabolism will do. People with thicker hair and dark hair have a lesser chance of passing a hair follicle test.

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