How To Maximize iPhone Battery LifeDo you ever get frustrated when your iPhone battery doesn’t last long enough? I think everyone does. I know I do. I use my smartphone a lot. All the time. So, I’ve found how to maximize iPhone battery life! One way is to go and buy the best iPhone battery charger. The other way is to manipulate your phone. Here’s some tips for the latter. Check it out.

Battery Life vs. Battery Lifespan

First, we need to get clear. I’m talking battery life. Mostly. That’s how long I can use my phone before I have to recharge it. Battery lifespan is how long the battery lasts before it is time to get a new battery. The two are related. Some of the tips I offer will also help your battery lifespan.

How To Maximize iPhone Battery Life and Be Less Frustrated

Update, Update, Update

Technologies to save energy are often part of Apple’s software updates. Making sure you are using the latest version of iOS can help your battery last longer between charges.

Use Low Power Mode

Do you have iOS 9 or a more recent iOS installed? If you do, then you can use low power mode. Find it in settings under battery. Low power mode reduces or turns off certain functions and operations temporarily. Things like automatic downloads, mail fetch, and Siri won’t drain your battery as much with low power mode turned on.

Keep Cool

If it is hot outside or if your iPhone is sitting in the sun inside your car, that can cause problems. Your smartphone likes to be cool. If your phone is hotter than 95 degrees the capacity of your battery can be permanently damaged. It won’t last as long between charges. Don’t even store your phone in hot places. That can cause permanent damage to your battery too.

It’s Too Loud

Where you set you volume matters. Your phone works harder when you turn it up louder. That means less battery life. Using headphones helps a lot. They require less power than the speaker. If you go to music which you find under settings, you can turn off the EQ and limit the volume. Doing both makes that battery juice last longer before recharge time.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Wallpaper and Brightness Mode Turned DownHere I’m talking about your settings. Doing this is an easy way to preserve your battery’s life. Lower your screen brightness. You can dim it yourself or you can turn on the Auto-Brightness function. Dim the screen in Control Center or turn on Auto-Brightness to extend battery life. Auto-Brightness can be activated by going to Settings > Display & Brightness. Once you are there just turn it on and you are extending your battery life. Stay in Settings and go to Wi-Fi to turn that on and keep it on. Wi-Fi mode not only uses less power, it also saves your data usage.

Less iCloud

Do you want to devour your data allowance and rapidly drain your battery? If you keep backing up everything to iCloud automatically, that’s what will happen. Here’s the fix. Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud and turn (toggle) off everything you don’t want or need. My favorite photos are the main thing I send to the cloud.

The Last iPhone Battery Life Maximizer Hint

To Refresh or To Not Refresh

Save Power Background App RefreshManipulating Background App refresh can seriously help you extend your time between battery charges. I saved this tip for last because you should do a test first to see what you need to do.

The Test

Make sure you’re near a clock or have a wristwatch on. Go to Battery which is under Settings. Look at your usage and standby times. Write them down. I’m not joking. Write them down. Now, tap the sleep/wake button. Check your watch and wait for 10 minutes. Next, go back to Battery and check your standby time. It should have increased by 10 minutes. If it has not then something is preventing your iPhone from resting. The culprit is probably an app.

The Solution

You now need to go to “Background App Refresh”. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. See the list? See all those apps toggled on? Do you think you really need all of those draining your battery life by updating themselves in the background? The answer is no, you do not.

Look through all those apps and simply turn off the ones that you really don’t need to be updating automatically. Don’t get all worried about this. Those apps will still run just fine when you start them up. They will also update when you fire them up. The only difference will be they won’t be up and running whenever you’re not putting them to use.

If for whatever reason you discover you don’t like any of the changes you have made, no problem. Just get right back into that area and turn the apps you want back on so they automatically update.

Trying out some or all of these tips and hints I’ve provided will help you to maximize the battery life of your iPhone. Lose power or extend life are your choices. Make the right decision and enjoy using your smartphone longer in between charges.

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