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A cigar is more than just an item to be smoked for a moment and then thrown away. Cigars are a symbol of sophistication and status. As such, they must be handled with care and should be kept safe.

It takes effort to keep cigars in their optimum condition. They can dry out and lose their flavor very quickly if they are not stored properly. But the reward for keeping them right is worth it. The fact is cigars have a short shelf life when they are not stored in the right way. On the other hand, they can last for years when stored right. This article will look at the best ways to keep your cigars safe and fresh for whenever you want to use them, even after many years.

What Are The Best Conditions For Cigars

Any method you can find of keeping your cigars in their best temperature and moisture window will help them last longer.

Cigars are best kept in cool temperatures; about 17 or 18 degrees or at most 20 degrees Celsius. That is, between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, do not make the mistake of placing cigars in the refrigerator. A fridge has the right temperature but it will suck the moisture clean out of your cigars. Refrigerators are also an echo chamber for flavors, and your cigars will imbibe and impart scents and flavors with the other items in the fridge.

Cigars also need relatively high levels of moisture. This does not mean soaking wet. Instead, between 65 and 70 percent humidity is best. This will allow the cigars to absorb moisture at a steady rate without becoming soggy.

A Humidor Is The Best Way To Properly Store Cigars

The conditions within a humidor are perfect for cigars. Temperatures are low and a humidor has the moisture content to keep the cigars in the window of freshness. While temperature is necessary for cigars, the moisture content of cigar storage is what really dictates the safety of your cigars. So, a nice humidor is the ideal place to store cigars. However, there are other effective ways to protect your cigars, so they are safe and fresh.

Keep Cigars Close To The Ideal Conditions For The Best Shelf Life

An airtight container or bag can be used to mimic a humidor and protect your cigars. A wet rag or a sponge dipped in water will bring moisture levels up. Keep it in a cool, dry place out of the sun so that the temperature remains low. Individual cigars often have a wrapper on them. It may be better to remove that wrapper so that your cigars will be more absorbent. However, if there are plans for transiting your cigars anywhere, then leave the wrappers on. That will prevent them from falling apart in transit.

Cigars last when they are kept in conditions close to that in which they were made and processed. From plantation to rolling, cigars are kept in high humidity and low temperatures. While a humidor is the most perfect way to maintain that state, you can use other methods to mimic those conditions and keep then fresh.

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