Looking for architecture job opportunities? Want to create a resume that leaves an impression? Following these steps and suggestions will help you create a resume that compels you.

Don’t forget to create a resume summary

Starting your resume with a summary is a professional way to create a CV or Resume. Make sure the summary reflects your personality and highlights your professional achievements and strengths. You should choose your words wisely and ensure the summary is precise and well-crafted. It should tell the recruiter:

  • Who you are;
  • What have you accomplished;
  • What are you capable of achieving.

So, add only essential details for a great first impression. Also, keep in mind that the entire document already tells about you. So, be creative in summary. Fifty words or a couple of lines should suffice. However, if you can’t create a compelling overview, you can also opt for cheap resume writers online.

Be smart when creating objectives

Including your career objectives may seem redundant to many. But, they add a catapulting factor to your profile. To craft a compelling goal, here are a few suggestions:

Go through the website of the company you’re sending your resume to. Identify their driving force and core ethics. Once you’re done with that, create objectives that perfectly align your goals with the organization. When the recruiter finds a CV that reflects the company’s values, consider yourself halfway to the list of shortlisted candidates.

But, keep in mind that you don’t need to be extra creative when creating your objectives. You must strongly feel and understand those core values. Exaggerating things in your CV will only land you in trouble at your workplace. You cannot pretend to do everything you have exaggerated in your resume. Also, the interviewer will assess all those abilities you have mentioned during the interview. So, there is no need for exaggeration. Just be honest and highlight your strengths. But, remember, your weaknesses don’t make you any less. You only need to know how to deal with your imperfections.

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Summarize your professional experience

If you have previous work experience, you probably have good projects to enlist. Also, you can cite references for verification. It indeed gives your CV additional points. But, if you are a fresh graduate, you may wonder what to include in this section. First of all, never write things like:

  • I am still looking for a job opportunity;
  • I don’t have experience yet;
  • Not applicable.

Being a fresh graduate without experience is okay. However, the recruiters want to know if you can take the initiative. So, think of the projects you have done during your academic years. Even some volunteer work can enhance your experience section. You can also mention any projects you helped a friend or family member with. Or, add your university assignments that require your architectural skills. There could be many things you can add to this section. But, if you feel stuck, you can also take help from the best cheap resume writing service available online.


Add educational details

After the experience section, add details of your education. This section must include all your undergrad, grad, and post-grade educational details with your GPAs. If you are still enrolled in a program, mention that in front of that course or degree. Also, remember that the employer will ask for proof.

Include soft and hard skills

Including your soft and hard skills is a great way to highlight your strengths. But, please add skills that are relevant to the job or your career. The soft skills you added help the recruiters know that you have the essential skills for different projects. Hiring managers not only look for experienced and qualified individuals. But, they want their employees to be intelligent and skilled. You can also seek help from cheap CV writing services online if you feel stuck.

Add personal information

Once you’re done including all the critical information about yourself, don’t forget to provide your personal information such as:

  • Phone number;
  • Address;
  • Email ID;
  • Skype ID.

That is up to you if you want to include your nationality, marital status, and other personal details. But, most employers are not interested in extra personal information. It is also best to add your contact info above the header in a corner.

Add an extra section

Your resume must indicate whether or not you are a certified member of AIA with proper accreditation. You cannot practice as an architect in the U.S without a license. Apart from it, you can also add any particular skill that you possess, such as:

  • A pro football player;
  • Excellent negotiation skills;
  • You have traveled a lot and learned a lot about various architectural designs.

Remember, an extra section helps you create a Unique Selling Proposition USP factor.

All in all, be honest yet creative when creating your resume. Make sure the template you are using is minimalist and looks professional. Also, make sure it is free of all grammatical and spelling errors.

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