What’s worse than a hot day without a properly functioning air conditioner? If your AC unit isn’t working the way it should, it could be due to a buildup of debris, such as dirt, leaves, and yard clippings. When these begin to creep into your AC unit they can block the condenser, which inhibits your system from operating the way it should.

Unlike fixing many other problems you can run into with an air conditioner, cleaning your unit can be done for relatively little cost. It’s a project you can tackle on your own instead of calling in an expensive technician. Be sure to follow these simple guidelines to save yourself time, money, and hassle when cleaning your AC unit.

Gather the Necessary Tools For the Job

Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit

Before you get started, you need to prepare by gathering the proper tools for the job. To work on your AC unit, you’re going to need a digital multimeter, a ratchet set or a flathead screwdriver, depending on your preference, and a mallet. You will also want to put together some items for cleaning the unit, including a hose with a low-pressure spray option, an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle, a coil cleaner, and a few cleaning rags.

Follow This Simple Step-By-Step Procedure

The first thing you want to do when working on any electrical device such as an AC unit is to maintain your safety. You will want to turn your unit’s thermostat off, then locate your electrical box and switch off your circuit breaker as well. Use your multimeter to check the voltage to ensure that you have done this correctly.

Once you know you’re not in danger from running electricity, take your ratchet or screwdriver to remove the metal shielding from your AC unit. Spray it off with your hose, using low water pressure. Next, spray the fins with your all-purpose cleaner, and gently wipe them down with rags.

When your fins are clean on your air conditioning unit, spray down the entire unit with the coil cleaner. Let this spray to soak for about 15 minutes before you wash it all down again with your low-pressure hose spray.

When you have done all these steps, allow some time for your unit to completely dry off. You can then put your metal shielding back on your unit, using the mallet if necessary. After this, you can check to see if your unit is working more efficiently by turning your breaker on and then the air conditioner.

Ongoing Maintenance For Your Unit

When you’ve finished your project and have your air conditioner back to working the way it should, you’re going to want to ensure this won’t be a problem in the future. Keep the area clear of debris, maintaining a two-foot distance from anything that can block proper airflow.

Cleaning out your AC unit yourself will not only save you on repairs but will keep it operating efficiently, saving extra money on your energy bills.

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