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Online shopping! We love it, we hate it. You can get the most amazing products that seem like they were handmade for you and they might somehow be part of 50% off stock clearance sale half way around the world. Or, you might get a falsely advertised piece of junk. This is what scares most consumers.

You want to cash in on amazing deals but it can be a hard ask.

That’s what review sites are for. A good review site takes the hustle and bustle out of shopping by giving you the assurance that this is a quality product. Here is how they do it and how to take advantage of it.


A good review site actually tries the product for themselves. The idea is to put themselves in the shoe of the consumer. So even if it is sponsored, it doesn’t mean that the product is flawed. What matters more is the honesty of the reviewers. It is not uncommon to find deceitful reviewers. Fortunately, by doing your due diligence and finding out what exactly you should be expecting from the product. By cross referencing several sources, you should be able to come up with a fair expectation of what to get.

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Expert opinion

Most good review sites usually hire freelance experts to give their opinions on the product. The expert is ideally a highly trained and educated individual with a wealth of experience from which to draw from. They should be credible and have verifiable qualifications. However, a good site ensures that the expert has value to the consumer. This way you get insights that you would normally miss and that could be crucial especially if it is a business purchase.


While most producers usually try to showcase the strengths of their products, a good review site will look at the product in its entirety. The goal is not to highlight its weaknesses but to show the consumer what they are really getting. It could show several different applications of the same product. It could bring to light similar products or even completely different ways of thinking about the product. The consumer’s needs come first and will ultimately decide what is deemed useful.

Consumer Reviews

A lot of websites feature a consumer review section. This is where consumers voice their opinions of the product. It is a conscious effort on their part but some people do decide to give helpful reviews. Mainly because either the product was simply that good or because it was terrible. Consumer reviews can be a mixed bag because nobody can regulate what the other has to say. It could lead to conflicting information but also maybe even completely false reviews. A good review site will at least keep you protected from fake reviews as part of corporate sabotage.

In conclusion, the ultimate decision belongs to the consumer. Review sites are simply tools for making sure your next online purchase is a stress free one.

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