How Love Changes People Mentally and Physically

Many theories have been invented about the magical and transforming properties of love; thousands of books and films have been created. But, strangely enough, in real life, in a state of emotional euphoria, lovers lose sight of those pleasant changes that begin to happen in their bodies and minds thanks to the magic of love.

  1. Borrowing habits and hobbies

Doctor of Psychology Gwyneth Dougherty-Sheddon believes that love imperceptibly combines the interests and tastes of partners: “Love allows you to share knowledge and life experience, it teaches to adopt each other’s habits, manners, and thoughts, which is very favorable for personal development.” It is unlikely that supermodel Heidi Klum would learn to sing, and her husband Seal – to professionally pose for fashion photographers, if not for mutual feelings. They successfully complement each other in labor: Seal starred with his wife to advertise a Volkswagen car, and Heidi sang a duet with her husband.

  1. No aggression!

Marilyn Manson is less and less afraid of the public, and all because he has found a new love – Evan Rachel Wood. The 19-year-old actress does not get tired of repeating to reporters that outside the stage life, Manson has nothing to do with the aggressive eccentric behavior, as he is known in the world of show business. In addition, unlike the beauty Dita von Teese, the singer’s new girlfriend spends time with her not at Gothic parties but in completely innocent places – in museums, at exhibitions, in cinemas.

But love isn’t always obvious, it may be lurking just around the corner, and you have to learn its manifestations. Here’s an article about the signs that a married woman likes you, check it out and never miss out on your love ever again.

  1. Revaluation of values

The feeling of falling in love can serve as an excellent incentive for your self-improvement, especially when it comes to bad habits. Who would have guessed that Osama bin Laden’s 26-year-old son would connect his life with 52-year-old British citizen Jane Felix-Brown? The British are still discussing the most extraordinary union – the son of a terrorist number one and four-time married woman, the mother of three adult children. By the way, bin Laden Jr. is completely different from a terrorist, and with the advent of his beloved woman, he decided to devote himself to the Make Love Not War peacekeeping mission.

  1. The art of making real gifts

Erich Fromm in his work “The Science of Love” states: “To love means not to be afraid to give oneself up.” According to modern psychoanalysts, the art of giving presents is also a peculiar indicator of dedication. Actor Reese Evans, according to friends, having started dating Sienna Miller, changed his attitude towards gifts. Now they are for him – first of all, a manifestation of real feelings. Most recently, the actor handed his loved one an antique necklace, and instead of a bouquet, a broom, admitting that she had bewitched him like a witch. Sienna was thrilled by such amazing gifts!

  1. The desire to deal with their own shortcomings

The feeling of falling in love can serve as an excellent incentive for your self-improvement, especially when it comes to bad habits. Heavy smoker Ewan McGregor is convinced that only love can be stronger than cravings for nicotine. The actor does not stop telling reporters that he quit smoking only thanks to his wife Eva Mavrakis.

  1. The ability to understand yourself

In 1985, the theater actress Juliette Binoche met the film director Leoі Carax and fell in love with the world of movies thanks to him. Believing in the talent of his friend, Leos ventured to give her the main role of a poor artist in the film “The Lovers on the Bridge.” Before the premiere, they expected that the film would be the triumph of Carax, but it became the triumph of Binoche and her springboard to the big screen. Ahead of her were the English Patient and the Academy Award.

  1. Getting rid of complexes

“Being in a state of love and euphoria, even the most serious person frees his mind from conventions, social stereotypes, internal complexes,” says psychologist Martin Gray. Take a look at Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez. The couple is together again, and Kylie’s happiness has no limits – the singer does not remember the last time she had so much fun, dancing right on the streets of Paris.

  1. The feeling of youth and beauty

Demi Moore, Irina Alferova, Sharon Stone – the most beautiful actresses of our time and women that don’t seem to age – answer the questions about the secrets of their amazing appearance always the same way: “To rejuvenate and bloom, you must first come to live a full life. And this happens only because of love.”

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